Earth Footwear Shoes for Comfort and Style While Traveling

Earth Footwear Fauna Shoes (Jennifer Miner)

News alert: I’m short. I’m just under 5’4” which means that whenever I buy pants, either I need to hem them (failure, I can’t draw a straight line let alone hem one) or pay someone else to hem them, which adds to the total cost of the jeans/slacks/whatever.  That’s not cool. It’s also a little embarrassing to shop in the “Juniors” or “Youth” sections of clothing stores, since — as my daughters are fond of reminding me — I’m so very, very old. Thanks, kids. In any case, a little heel in my shoes goes a long way to helping jeans and pants fit right, but I’m certainly not going to clomp around in massive platform wedges or teeter around in high heels all day — comfort is paramount. Plus, I have the grace of a clumsy ox. What to do? Introducing a fashionable shoe that is comfortable with a [Read more]

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St. Peter’s: Minnesota’s Oldest Catholic Church

On any given day drivers making their way cross the Twin Cities' Mendota Bridge might notice the classic church steeple rising above the trees lining the eastern edge of the Minnesota River. The steeple landmark, located just [Read more]


Box #2: Stitch Fix Personal Styling for Travel Clothing

Don't worry! The Vacation Gals is not turning into a fashion blog. (After my earlier post this week about Aventura Clothing, and last month's post about Stitch Fix, it may appear that way.) But I've got new clothes on my mind. I'm [Read more]

Mira Hat and LIsbon Scarf in Gypsy Red

Casual Aventura Clothing for Travel

I've been a fan of Aventura women's clothing for a couple years now: Check out my past reviews of the eco-friendly items here and here. Now, I'm delighted to be one of the clothing company's ambassadors, which means I've been [Read more]


honda o

Giving in to the “Minivan Mom” Title

Never say never. That phrase is one that I've learned to repeat over and over. No matter how stubborn I can be, life experiences tend to twist and turn my opinions, decisions, and plans as unexpected courses take place. [Read more]

My desk these days is covered in paperwork necessary for joining the SAS Summer 2014 voyage. (Not a bad thing!)

Semester at Sea: Logistics and Paperwork for a Summer Abroad

This morning I started filling out online forms to secure my family's tourist visas for Russia. Even I can't believe I'm writing that sentence. When I decided I wanted to be a travel writer about eight years ago, I [Read more]

magnum to mini Mouton Rothschild (Jennifer Miner)

Bordeaux Wine Tour of Chateau Mouton Rothschild

Young people — and by young I mean over 21, guys — tend to drink beer, tequila and that sort of thing when they choose to imbibe. I remember, when I was that age (yes, that was a long time ago, don’t rub it in) I thought [Read more]

maddie itouch

Balancing Travel and Social Media

It used to be that friends, family, and neighbors would go on vacation and we would have to wait for their return home to hear about the trip. As for photos? Those might be produced days or weeks later after a trip to [Read more]

Disney Splittsville Bowling Alley

Taking the Kids to Orlando and Eating Smart with Young Kids

Taking young kids to a restaurant on vacation can seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but in Orlando, you can eat smart and relax. Got some crackers? A tablet? Kids’ books and crayons will be on the table while [Read more]

Author Shelly Rivoli and her family on the Hawaiian island of Molokai just a few weeks ago.

Book Review: Travels with Baby by Shelly Rivoli

The subtitle for the second edition of Travels with Baby, which was published last month, is "The ultimate guide for planning travel with your baby, toddler, and preschooler." I'd have to say, "the ultimate" may not be [Read more]


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Berlin Bike Tour – Private Guided Bicycle Tour in East Berlin

East and West Berlin are, of course, unified. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and since then, the two formerly distinct cities have become absolutely easy to traverse — however, the two halves remain distinct and likely will remain so for the rest of our lifetimes. After all, West Berlin didn’t have a lot[Read more]

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When I first walked through Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico I was absolutely stunned by the lush, green growth that covered the property. Sidewalks twist and turn through the grounds leading to unobtrusive private villas, a serene pool area and breathtaking ocean views. The jungle [Read more]

Girlfriend Getaway at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver

In the heart of Denver’s downtown — steps away from a plethora of restaurants and nightclubs, and kitty-corner from the famed Denver Center for the Performing Arts — the Four Seasons Hotel Denver makes an ideal upscale destination for a girlfriend getaway. Sure, I’d be thrilled to bring my family here (the Four Seasons brand[Read more]

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Small Cruise Ships in Alaska for Great Inside Passage Travel

Small cruise ships in Alaska's Inside Passage are able to provide travelers with incredible, uniquely Alaskan vacations that the large cruise ship tours can only dream of. The southeast Alaska small cruise ship I experienced was, [Read more]

Renaissance Pittsburgh: A Family Friendly Hotel

I've always heard Pittsburgh was a "classic American town" with nice people, good food and the zeal for sports, especially football, is indescribable. If you read about my family's visit to Primanti Bros visit you already know [Read more]

How to Remove Cactus Needles from Skin

If you're heading to the desert any time soon, there is one question you may want to know the answer to: How do you remove cactus needles from skin? There is nothing quite like the glorious desert, especially Arizona's Sonoran [Read more]