10 Reasons to Go Green for the Travel Industry

big lawn at ritz in mauiNativeEnergy helps travelers purchase legitimate carbon offsets, to make vacations more carbon neutral. Community based, Native American, farmer-owned renewable energy projects are supported through NativeEnergy. The benefits are not just environmental, but economic and social as well. With sponsors like Ben & Jerry’s, Aveda and Clif Bars, Native Energy works to both end global warming and build positive businesses for family farmers and Native Americans.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization reports that the travel industry alone produces 5% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Megan Epler Wood, a partner at NativeEnergy, says that travel-related carbon dioxide emissions will grow by 75% in the next decade unless people do something about it. And really, with the ice caps melting, droughts, and new record high temperatures every summer, how much more global warming can we responsibly allow to happen? On the other hand, vacations and travel are one of life’s joys.

NativeEnergy’s “10 Reasons to Go Green” for the travel industry are interesting. Not every reason is feasible. I agree with the philosophy behind this list, at least!

  1. Green companies save money by reducing their energy outputs.
  2. Global warming is threatening travel destinations all over the world.
  3. Over 50% of potential customers are more likely to choose travel packages that show a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  4. Preparing reports that include carbon footprints (and reductions thereof) and click-through carbon offset purchase options online can position travel companies as being innovative leaders.
  5. Green designs are cost efficient and will attract more environmentally aware customers.
  6. Providing more responsible transportation options will also attract travelers who are concerned about the carbon impact of their vacations.
  7. Plans for more environmentally responsible transportation and lodging are in the works, and will become essential in the future for green travel.
  8. The travel industry must prepare to report on industry-wide green policies and how it’s responding to environmental issues as legislative efforts become more common.
  9. Finding strategic environmental partners will help the travel industry respond to global warming.
  10. An environmentally responsible travel policy for the industry shows concern for the world as a whole, and the people most affected by the climate crisis.

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