Best Health Device for Fitness on the Road

Fitbit Surge

My family has become quite the road-tripping clan, even with a toddler. This month we returned from an 18-day trip that added 3,800 miles to our minivan. Road trips are one of my favorite topics to cover because there's so much involved from planning routes to [Read more]

The Mason Jar: An Easy Travel Memory Keeper

Vacation Keepsake Jar

Years ago, when I was first got married, I loved scrapbooking. For one thing, I had time. I also found it really fun. I love to save precious memories no matter how trivial or silly. But then I had kids and life changed. I still saved little things, but [Read more]

Margaritaville Vacation Club Sweepstakes

Riddles in the Sand

It seems like everytime I turned around this summer there was a Margaritaville. Orlando City Walk, Grand Turk, even Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has a location. Did you know there is a Margaritaville Vacation Club, too? You can enter the Riddles in the Sand [Read more]

Cool Outdoor Baby Gear

EquiptBaby - Diaper Bag and Bassinet

Having Maisie, my third child, in 2014 was not only fun because she's a delight, but also because I was able to become acquainted with all of the new baby gear. It's pretty fascinating how quickly baby gear advances. I recall sitting on my computer browsing [Read more]

Healthy Road Trip Snacks


Today "healthy eating" means different things to different people. Personally, I lean towards whole foods (aka paleo) as much as possible. Our kitchen is bursting with fresh fruits and veggies as is our cooler on road trips. Sometimes it is hard to find fresh [Read more]

The Coolest Hotel in St. Louis: Moonrise Hotel

Moonrise Hotel Lobby

Do you love boutique hotels as much as I do? The uniqueness, the charm, the nothing-like-it vibe that many of these privately owned hotels possess add a fun ambiance to your travels. My family just returned from a 17-day trip and one of our stops was Moonrise [Read more]

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort is Open

Dolly Parton Hall

Dollywood's DreamMore Resort opened its doors Monday, July 27, and my family had the fun opportunity of experiencing this gorgeous and extremely family-friendly property two days later. Located on the outskirts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, [Read more]

Johnny Rockets is Rockin’ the Flavors of Route 66

Johnny Rockets in Opry Mill Nashville

Recently I was talking about fun road trip burger restaurants and one of the places I mentioned was Johnny Rockets with its nostalgic flair. This summer Johnny Rockets is Rockin’ the Flavors of Route 66 with a limited-time menu offerings (available until [Read more]

Best Road Trip Burger Restaurants

Johnny Rockets

Back in my early 20's my grandmother and I took a road trip from Florida to Colorado. She said that if we needed to make any rest stops it should be a McDonalds because the restrooms were always clean. She was right. Every location, state after state, offered [Read more]

Six Things to Pack for a Theme Park

Embrazio Card Cash Holder

Before I start this post, I have to tell you that this is coming from the mindset of a mother with a toddler. That means I currently visit theme parks with a stroller equipped with plenty of storage space, from a bin underneath to a dual cup holder and cell [Read more]