Pilger, Nebraska: More than a Small Town


Most people don't think twice about the history or story behind a town's name. Oftentimes, it's obvious where the name derived from - like a president or saint - while other times the name's history is simply lost like a dusty box in the basement. The other [Read more]

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium

Sea Life Kansas City

My family is no stranger is SEA LIFE. Our local shopping mall, Mall of America (MOA), is home to the Minnesota location. SEA LIFE is actually found worldwide but there are eight aquariums in the United States. My son had a field trip at the MOA location in the [Read more]

Kansas City LEGOLAND Discovery Center


Many families with kids understand the overwhelming draw of LEGOs. Kids can follow patterns, create their own structures, break them apart, glue together, keep forever, pass on to siblings, sell at garage sales, and the list goes on. Oh, adults like them, too. [Read more]

The Money Museum in Kansas City

Money Museum 1

The Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas offers a free opportunity for the public to learn about our nation's financial system. My family of five was in Kansas City recently and added the Money Museum to our itinerary. It's not everyday you get [Read more]

Road Trip with Enterprise Rent-A-Car


It's that time of year when enough is enough. I'm talking about winter. Granted, this year my homestate of Minnesota hasn't seen nearly the low temperatures that last year brought. Nevertheless, I'm still already yearning for a warm(er) climate or at least [Read more]

Feltman Brothers Classic Baby Dresses

Feltman Brothers

Now that I have another baby girl to dress up I'm always on the lookout for cute girly outfits and ensembles for her so when I was approached to review a dress from Feltman Brothers I couldn't resist. After all, nothing says classic baby like their line of [Read more]

Maps International: Home Decorating

map wallpaper

My family is currently contemplating a move to a new house. With the addition of a new baby last year it's no surprise the family dynamic, as well as our household needs, changed. With a new home and older kids also comes new decor. The kids have their own [Read more]

2015 Minnesota Ice Castles Giveaway

Ice Castle

Load up all of your Elsa loving girls and their brothers because real-life Frozen is here. Ice Castles has descended upon Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The Eden Prairie (Miller Park) location here in Minnesota opened last week (opening dates [Read more]

Donna Degnan Fashions

Donna Degnana

If there's one thing I love, it's cute clothes. Of course, living in a freezing climate for many months of the year oftentimes means simply settling for what's warm over what's fashionable. However, this fall I was introduced to Donna Degnan and you can say [Read more]

Kohler’s American Club Resort with Kids


Kohler, Wisconsin, is where plumbing product magic comes to life. In a recent spa feature I wrote for Global Traveler my summary compares the experience to a Food Network, Travel Channel, and HGTV combo. This quaint little town, home to The American Club, [Read more]