Chicago LEGOLAND Discovery Center


Chicago LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a hit with LEGO fans of all ages, but let's clear some confusion before we get started. Chicago LEGOLAND is not in Chicago proper. It's located in the northeastern Chicago suburb of Schaumburg. This neighborhood is easily [Read more]

The Truth about Traveling with Kids

The world in their hands

I've been traveling with kids for a long time. As the oldest of five siblings, stepmom to two (now grown) boys and mommy to my own two, soon to be three, I have my share of family travel stories. My son went on his first trip when he was only three weeks old. [Read more]

4 Things Not to Let your Kids Try on Vacation

Cruise ship pool

Travel is all about possibility and exposure and trying new things - right? Well, yes. Mostly. Sampling foreign dishes, taking on adventurous feats, and exploring unseen (to you and your family) territory is all part of the joy of travel. Did you read my story [Read more]

Tips for Cruising Pregnant

beth cruise pregnant

Speaking from personal experience, cruising is one of the best vacations for an expectant mother. That is assuming the pregnancy is non-eventful and mom is feeling well. I found myself cruising pregnant at 14 weeks when my family boarded the Carnival Magic for [Read more]

King Cake Delivery Brings Mardi Gras to You

King Cake 500

Last week I was anticipating the arrival of a King Cake delivered by UPS from Delicious Donuts in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The excitement was too much to handle. When the cake I arrived, I was ecstatic. It was topped with purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras [Read more]

What to Do if it Rains During your Cruise

rain ponchos

Dreams of your upcoming tropical cruise likely involve thoughts of relaxing, fruity drinks, and plenty of sunshine. But what happens when the forecast is revealing days and days of rain? If this is your first cruise your anxiety may be especially high and [Read more]

Map Your Travels: Wall Art for your Home

Map Your Travels

Travel destinations have been piquing my children's interest lately. Questions like, "How far is..." or "Where is..." or "How long would it take to get to..." I suppose it's no surprise considering they are learning and memorizing geography at school. That's [Read more]

Cocorose London: Ballet Flats for Travel

Cocorose London

Some of the best and most well-known travel advice is pretty obvious: "Wear slip-on shoes through airport security." Yet, every time I travel by air I see fellow female passengers lacing up boots, buckling wedges, and tying tennis shoes after passing [Read more]

Biscotti and Kate Mack: Cruise Wear for Girls


What should I pack for the kids? That was one of the big questions I asked before my family departed for our first seven-day Western Caribbean excursion aboard Carnival Magic this past fall. The list came down to three basic groups: casual wear, dressy [Read more]

BodyMedia for Weight Loss while Traveling

BodyMedia Fit LINK

Happy 2014! Did you experience weight gain during your travels last year? If so, does that mean weight loss is now topping your New Year's Resolution list? If so, I have a suggestion for you, but first let me tell you my story. If there was one thing I learned [Read more]