Tropical Cruise Packing Ideas for Ladies

Cruise Packing Ideas for Ladies

This summer my family is taking our second cruise as a family and just like any experience in life I learn something every trip. Now having a third child I've discovered that planning early can't hurt so in our master closet there is a section marked with a [Read more]

“You’re All Included!” – First Choice Blogger Competition

All-Inclusive Vacations

This post is being entered into the First Choice Blogger Competition on the topic of why I love all-inclusive vacations. Almost twenty years ago I experienced my first all-inclusive resort. It was on a gorgeous beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A [Read more]

Travel Writer Kickstarter: Getting Naked for Money

Getting Naked for Money

Today I'm excited to share with you my friend Edie Jarolim's Kickstarter project. First, let me tell you that I have adored Edie for years. I read her work with admiration long before meeting her in person because when it came to travel writing she was the [Read more]

Spur Alliance: Top 10 Guest Ranches in North America

Spur Alliance

One of the best surprises my family discovered during a summer vacation was how family-friendly a guest ranch experience can be. When we were living in Tucson, Arizona we certainly visited some local ranches for day rides or evening parties but it wasn’t until [Read more]

Ideas for the Active Female Traveler


A go-to travel packing checklist is something every traveling female should have. Of course, this list should have the basics like comfortable shoes, personal water bottle, and reliable backpack. The longer I travel the more I notice what can be improved and [Read more]

Sunoco Gas Gift Card Giveaway

Sunoco Credit Card

Summer months are just around the corner which means it's almost time to fill the gas tank and hit the road. In fact, as I write this my family is on a road trip right now. We couldn't wait for summer. While we love to fly, we have really grown to enjoy road [Read more]

Disney isn’t Just for Kids: Meet Jerri

Wine n Dine

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....Halt. Wrong opening. Let's try again. A long time ago in the late '70s my parents relocated to Baton Rouge and we settled in a brick house in a cute neighborhood. Down the street and around the corner lived another [Read more]

#Hello40 – What Family Travel Really Means


Last week my daughter said in a slow, deep voice, “Mom, hold still.” Her hand moved toward my face. I froze. What is it? Glitter in my hair? Did my eyeliner smear? Is it a back widow spider? Wait, Minnesota doesn’t have those. She interrupted my thoughts with, [Read more]

Meet KLM’s New Mascot Bluey

KLM Bluey

When's the last time you flew and had a family-friendly experience? Yesterday? Last year? Never? Occasionally, airlines will have a coloring book or pass out pilot wings. Perhaps there may be a lid for your child's drink, but overall, as you likely know, the [Read more]

Pilger, Nebraska: More than a Small Town


Most people don't think twice about the history or story behind a town's name. Oftentimes, it's obvious where the name derived from - like a president or saint - while other times the name's history is simply lost like a dusty box in the basement. The other [Read more]