A Day in Reykjavik, Iceland

View of Reykjavik Old Harbour from the Harpa Concert Hall

When my mom and I get away together we head to a spa. Travel writer Julie Henning goes with her mom to... Iceland! Here she details some key sights in the country's capital, and offers tips for a budget friendly visit to this Nordic country. We love her savvy [Read more]

Matterhorn Celebrates 150th Anniversary in 2015

Zermatt's pedestrian friendly main street

Summer 2015 is going to be an exciting time for the Matterhorn. No, not the ride at Disney, the real one. We will let our contributor Mira Temkin tell you why... The Tissot Countdown Clock proudly stands on the Bahnhofplatz, the village center, in Zermatt, [Read more]

Caribbean Getaway at the Aruba Marriott Resort

caribbean getaway at the aruba marriott resort

The Aruba Marriott Resort & Casino hosted a trip for The Vacation Gals' contributor Jill Florio and her mother-in-law, along with several other bloggers and their mothers. The Vacation Gals loves girlfriend getaways and family travel; how terrific that our [Read more]

Great Girlfriend Getaway at Sunset Cove in Laguna Beach

great girlfriend getaway at sunset cove in laguna beach - two bedroom view (Kim Tracy Prince)

Regular contributor to The Vacation Gals, Kim Tracy Prince, was recently treated to a great girlfriend getaway at Sunset Cove, in Laguna Beach, California. Laguna is well known for its beaches and local arts scene; Sunset Cove appears to be a comfortable, [Read more]

Primitive Outdoor Skills at Canyon Ranch in Tucson


I go to destination spas for their outdoor hikes, indoor fitness classes, healthy food, wellness lectures and, of course, massages. I do not associate destination spas with wilderness survival skills: learning how to create fire or crafting a knife out of [Read more]

Competitours: An “Amazing Race” for the Rest of Us


If my family didn't have plans to spend a chunk of time in Europe next summer I would seriously consider signing us up for one of Competitours' 10-day trips in Europe. Or I'd book one of the adventures with my husband or get a bunch of friends to sign on. [Read more]

Spa Review: Auberge Spa at Hotel Jerome

Textured lockers in the women's dressing area.

Up until December 2012, Aspen's venerable (and luxurious) Hotel Jerome, which dates back to 1889, didn't have an on-site spa. A travesty, right?! After all, once you're finished skiing or hiking in the Colorado mountains for the day, it's nice to return to [Read more]

Things to Do in Napa Valley and Sonoma County

Safari West (Jennifer Miner)

Girlfriend getaways and romantic weekend vacations in Napa Valley and Sonoma County are typically wine-focused, but everyone needs a break from all that drinking for a few hours.  Sure, you may scoff. Hear me out! There are plenty of fun things to do in Napa [Read more]

Spa Review: Spa La Quinta, California

Gorgeous entrance to Spa La Quinta; the entire resort features whitewashed, Mediterranean-style buildings. It is landscaped beautifully

When I told my mom, who lives in Palm Desert, California -- a stone's through from La Quinta Resort & Club -- that I was getting a massage at the legendary resort's spa, she said (something to the effect of), "Ooooh. Nice." Though she hadn't spent time at [Read more]

Four Special or Boutique Wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma

Chateau St. Jean

Boutique wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma don't get the attention that the big ones do, but they should. A girlfriend getaway in Napa Valley and Sonoma should include stops at wineries both large and small. Those big, beautiful wineries in Napa Valley and [Read more]