Sunoco Gas Gift Card Giveaway

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Summer months are just around the corner which means it's almost time to fill the gas tank and hit the road. In fact, as I write this my family is on a road trip right now. We couldn't wait for summer. While we love to fly, we have really grown to enjoy road [Read more]

Living Abroad for Less as a Family

daughter-parade-guanajuato-mexico Living abroad for less as a family

Some people dream of living abroad for a year or even permanently. This dream can seem insurmountable to those who haven't dome any research, but expatriates are usually happy to share what they've learned. Living abroad for less as a family, especially, [Read more]

RoamRight Travel Insurance App

RoamRight Travel Insurance App Organization

International travel is a gift we give ourselves; the world is so wonderfully varied that it enriches our lives in unquantifiable ways to get out there and explore different countries. But everything — even crossing the street in our own neighborhoods — comes [Read more]

Five Tips for Vacation Home Rentals During the Summer

tips for vacation home rentals during the summer

Summer travel season is upon us, and with it, reader questions about how to secure deals on their vacations. While a few of the questions The Vacation Gals have gotten recently are pretty broad (such as, “where should I travel this summer,” eek, let’s narrow [Read more]

Where to Stay in Paris for the First Time

Eiffel Tower and Seine River in Paris, France

"Where to stay in Paris" must be a common refrain for first-time France travel planners, even before thinking about other aspects of their itineraries. Somebody recently asked me that question about travel and Paris, and after writing her back, it occurred to [Read more]

Giving in to the “Minivan Mom” Title

honda o

Never say never. That phrase is one that I've learned to repeat over and over. No matter how stubborn I can be, life experiences tend to twist and turn my opinions, decisions, and plans as unexpected courses take place. This past weekend I once again muttered [Read more]

Balancing Travel and Social Media

maddie itouch

It used to be that friends, family, and neighbors would go on vacation and we would have to wait for their return home to hear about the trip. As for photos? Those might be produced days or weeks later after a trip to the photo shop. Today, that's certainly [Read more]

4 Things Not to Let your Kids Try on Vacation

Cruise ship pool

Travel is all about possibility and exposure and trying new things - right? Well, yes. Mostly. Sampling foreign dishes, taking on adventurous feats, and exploring unseen (to you and your family) territory is all part of the joy of travel. Did you read my story [Read more]

Tips for Cruising Pregnant

beth cruise pregnant

Speaking from personal experience, cruising is one of the best vacations for an expectant mother. That is assuming the pregnancy is non-eventful and mom is feeling well. I found myself cruising pregnant at 14 weeks when my family boarded the Carnival Magic for [Read more]

King Cake Delivery Brings Mardi Gras to You

King Cake 500

Last week I was anticipating the arrival of a King Cake delivered by UPS from Delicious Donuts in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The excitement was too much to handle. When the cake I arrived, I was ecstatic. It was topped with purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras [Read more]