Cocorose London: Ballet Flats for Travel

Cocorose LondonSome of the best and most well-known travel advice is pretty obvious: “Wear slip-on shoes through airport security.”

Yet, every time I travel by air I see fellow female passengers lacing up boots, buckling wedges, and tying tennis shoes after passing through security. Sometimes these ladies, obviously late for their flight, have to scoop up their shoes and run through the concourse barefoot. I want to ask, why are you making this so difficult? Or, better yet, haven’t you heard of Cocorose London’s ballet flats?

In recent years ballet flats have become a big hit in the fashion world, not that they’re a new trend or style by any means. For one, fashion icon Audrey Hepburn wore them well and obviously inspired designers and women for generations to come. Besides fashion runways, ballet flats have become a top pick in the travel community because these petite shoes are easy to wear, comfortable, and, best of all, you can easily pack several pairs in multiple colors. Good-bye, heavy suitcase. Oh, and hello faster airport security.

Travel aside, I must share that my personal experience with ballet flats hasn’t always been great. You see, just last year I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap pair of ballet flats. While the style was cute, the comfort and fit was all wrong. Both shoes stretched out, causing my feet to slide out when I walked and the material started to unravel after the first wearing. Yes, the “you get what you pay for” quickly came to mind. But then a Cocorose London box arrived on my doorstep and my entire positive ballet flat attitude replenished. I opted for the Hoxton Leopard ($147) style (see above photo) and am proud to say, I now own a stylish, comfortable, well-fitting, quality pair of ballet flats. And I adore them! The fact that Cocorose shoes arrived in a gorgeous black and gold presentation box was simply a bonus.

Being almost six months pregnant, comfort means everything to me right now and these flats are just that and they look fantastic with my skinny maternity jeans (yes, they make skinny jeans for expectant moms these days). But also, thanks to the soft leather, foldable insoles, and Cocorose London’s signature travel purse I can carry these in my handbag on snow days and easily change from my winter boots into my Cocorose flats. In fact, yesterday I did just that when I took my daughter to swim team practice. You can’t beat the diversity of these heavenly flats while traveling or in everyday life.

Thank you Cocorose London for the chic ballet flats. I couldn’t be more pleased. As for a fun fact, we’ve been calling our growing baby girl “Coco” while my older daughter’s middle name is Rose. I think we’re on to something…

9 Responses to “Cocorose London: Ballet Flats for Travel”

  1. 1
    Quyen says:

    Wow, I’ve never had a ballet flat before this your pair looks great! I’m sure it is super comfortable!

  2. 2

    Really ballets are the most uncomfortable types of shoes to walk with especially if you got used to wear hills all the life.

  3. 3

    Super cute – I may need to get a pair! And I love the name Coco for the baby!

  4. 4
    Larry says:

    Great tip … I rock the sandals when I fly for the same reason :)

  5. 5
    Rachel says:

    I haven’t tried ballet flats even though almost everyone I know wear them, or maybe because almost everyone wears them that’s why I don’t. ;D
    I do think they look comfortable and stylish, but I mostly wear flip flops when I travel actually, like I’m always ready to run on to the white sand when I landed teehee.

  6. 6

    I’m sure my wife would like these. She wears flats a lot (I can’t believe I just typed that).

    • 6.1
      Sandra says:

      Great if you are tall. My trousers are made to be worn with high heel and if I wear flats I look like Snoopy. I like to look good when I travel and wear comfortable high heels, no hand luggage, just my handbag.

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