Gear Review: Conair ExtremeSteam Travel Steamer

Over the years I’ve had a love-hate relationship with hotel irons. I’ve set off hotel smoke detectors, ruined white work shirts and even stamped a perfect iron shape on a cute black shirt when the iron burned through the garment at first touch. And that’s not even the pain of traveling with garments that need to be steamed. As the eldest of five siblings, I’ve traveled cross country to Denver to attend plenty of weddings, and until now haven’t had the luxury of bringing along a travel steamer.

Considering that traveling naturally creases clothes since we have to fold, roll and cram all of our travel belongings into a bag or two, it only makes sense that someone would think of a solution. After all, attempting to steam clothes in a hotel room’s bathroom by turning the shower water to high-heat then waiting for the room to steam-up shouldn’t even be an option. It’s a waste of water and it’s not a reliable way to steam clothes anyway.

Conair seemed to take all of this into consideration when they designed the ExtremeSteam Professional Hand Held Garment Steamer which means you can pack and bring it along on your next trip. The list of features is a mile-long and it’s an affordable investment, roughly $50, but there are a handful of reasons why I especially like this travel steamer:

1. Portable. Now, it’s not tiny, meaning you can’t pack it in your purse, but it is much smaller than your traditional steamer. You can easily pack it in your suitcase or throw it in your car trunk.

2. Heats quickly. With a 60-second  heat-up time there’s no waiting around. When I’m on the road, the less time I have to spend getting ready for the day, the better.

3. Long steam time. The steam will last 15 minutes which is plenty of time to steam that cute cocktail dress.

4. Long cord. With a length of 9 feet, the cord is long enough to maneuver the  steamer even with oddly placed outlets.

5. Attachments. Think dry-clean ready. The Conair ExtremeSteam Travel Steamer also comes with three attachments:  brush, creaser, and soft cushion which helps accomplish a perfectly polished look.

Bonus: Kills dust mites and bedbugs (!). Hopefully none of us encounter these dreaded little creatures, but considering that travelers have had the unpleasant experience of bringing unwanted bugs home with them it may be worth it to steam your luggage before departing your hotel room.

My husband has started traveling for work regularly, so when he heard about the Conair ExtremeSteam he got pretty excited since a travel steamer will make caring for his suits much easier. Not to mention, the fact that I’m matron-of-honor in my sister’s upcoming wedding, you better believe this steamer will be accompanying us to this Denver wedding.

 Thank you to Conair for letting me review Conair ExtremeSteam Travel Steamer. It’s even better than I expected. 

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