Disclosure Policy

As is common in the travel industry, we may receive complimentary travel or reduced rates at hotels, resorts and attractions. We disclose such offers at the end of our posts, and we require our guest authors to disclose in their posts. We strive to be fair and impartial in reviewing properties, attractions and destinations, even when we enjoy these perks of being travel writers.

Same goes for product reviews. More often than not, if we are reviewing a product at The Vacation Gals, we’ve been given the product for free. So unless we say, “I’ve owned this bag for years” or “My grandma bought me this pair of hiking boots for Christmas,” you can assume the product has been given to us at no cost. But again, at the end of each post, we typically disclose that the product has been given to us for purposes of review

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews, but, of course, we cannot be responsible if you don’t have the same experience with a hotel, destination, attraction or piece of travel gear.