Family Travel Adventures by Disney – Tour Bus Time

Here’s a problem: 12 families on a tour bus, and several hours to kill between destinations. With children ranging from 7 through adolescence, how do you keep everyone entertained and happy? Well, our Adventure By Disney guides had the answer. The first leg of our Adventures By Disney Southwest Splendors trip took us from Phoenix to Sedona, and our guides, Joanne and Brian, managed a non-hokey Adventures by Disney Tour Bus (Jennifer Miner)“getting to know you” sort of family group-wide game. We found stranger who fulfilled a variety of preset questions, such as,”Who on the bus has seen the Grand Canyon before,” “Who likes to camp?” etc. On another leg of our vacation journey, Joanne asked questions related to Sedona Arizona, and for every question the children answered correctly, Brian had to eat a chocolate covered bug.

Before you feel too sorry for Brian, you should know that there were a few leftover white-chocolate covered worms at the end of the travel game, and some kids tried them. My oldest kid ate one, in fact, which motivated my younger to also take one. With all eyes on her, however, she lost her nerve.

Guess who had to eat the worm instead? That’s right, me, SoCalGal. And no; it wasn’t good. Yuck!MudslideMama Ate the Worm (David Miner) The kids on the tour bus all thought this was pretty funny, though, which makes it worth it…Well, a little worth it, anyway. Sort of.
Adventures By Disney family travel tours has the task of keeping kids happy down to a science. The in-bus games, Disney movies, and parties all eliminate calls of “are we there yet,” and well-timed breaks – like at the Montezuma Castle National Monument – are interesting destinations unto themselves. However, on this leg of the Arizona trip, the highlight for my family was definitely when Mommy ate the worm.

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