Lake Placid Hotel and Restaurants

My family has a new favorite place. It’s called Lake Placid and it’s located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. The friendly people, the wonderful meals, sports history (stay tuned for more on this subject) and beautiful nature made our visit so memorable we’re already talking about going back. Here’s some insight and tips for where to eat and sleep when you visit this darling village.

Where we ate: Our first night in town we ate at Great Adirondack’s Steak and Seafood located in the heart of the downtown village and was it delicious, specifically the Ahi Steak au Poivre! What makes this place extra special though is their homemade brew which is made right in the back and they even make their own root beer — something our children were extremely delighted to sample. We were thrilled when at the end of the meal our server presented us with a Lake Placid Olympic-themed pint glass. The glass is free with your first pint.

Chair 6 is best known for their homemade sweet potato pancakes but we stopped in for lunch. Everything was fresh and flavorful and is made from scratch on site, just the way we like it! If you like cute places, this is it. The restaurant was formerly a farmhouse. Yes, that’s an old chairlift my son is posing with found outside the restaurant.

Cellar Bistro & Grill is true to its name, it really is located in a cellar. This was another delicious lunch stop. This new restaurant is extremely affordable and the food was terrific here too. I highly recommend the Portabella Wrap and my son still asks if we can go back for the pizza. I wish we had more time there because I would have loved to stopped in for their Mardi Gras theme night.

The Caribbean Cowboy was the most unique stop of our restaurant parade. The atmosphere was lively, the drink menu was fun, but the food on the Jamaican and Southwest-inspired menu was out of this world, particularly my husband’s Jamaican Jerk chicken. We have never had anything like it. Spend an evening here, you won’t be sorry.

Hotel: Lake Placid has various lodging options including hotels, inns, campsites and cabins. We stayed in a suite at the Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club and would stay there again. To begin, I was completely taken by the views of Mirror Lake from our gorgeous suite in the Adirondack wing. It didn’t take long to realize how family-friendly this property is. In front of the hotel, adjacent to the a lounge patio, is a huge lawn where my kids kicked the soccer ball around and played hide and seek, and the indoor pool was a huge hit.

As for meals, we ate the breakfast buffet every morning which was a perfect way to kick off our day. One evening we took the free hotel shuttle to the resort’s lakeside Lake Placid Club Boat House restaurant. A divine bevy of seafood dishes grace the menu and they’re as good as they sound. We give huge kudos to the fantastic wait staff. No only was the food and service superb, but the scenery was spectacular. When we watched a swimmer cross the lake as the sun set, we knew we were somewhere very special.

Thank you to Whiteface Lake Placid and the other local businesses who assisted in hosting my family.

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    I’ve never been there but would love to go!

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    Caroline Rudda says:

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    P. Wehrman says:

    We love Lake Placid too…any time of the year. You never know when there is some Olympian in practice there, or maybe something cool like the horse show. Great place to stay and explore the High Peaks region. We usually stay at the Marriott there: http://www.courtyardlakeplacid.com. Clean and quite, right outside of the village. There is really a lot to do there…even have a brewery in town!

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