Map Your Travels: Wall Art for your Home

Map Your TravelsTravel destinations have been piquing my children’s interest lately. Questions like, “How far is…” or “Where is…” or “How long would it take to get to…” I suppose it’s no surprise considering they are learning and memorizing geography at school. That’s where Map Your Travels, home of the original Personalized World Traveler Map, comes in. Perhaps you have seen these maps while browsing Sky Mall.

Last week the World Traveler Map ($149) was neatly hung on our living room wall and it’s a beauty. Think heirloom quality with a striking mahogany stained wood frame (width: 34 1/4″; height: 26 3/4″). While I simply love the elegant appearance of this map (I’ve always been a sucker for maps as it is), my kids adore the interactive aspect of our new World Traveler Map.

How it works: When you order a map, it comes with 50 red pins to mark places you’ve been, ten green pins to mark your dream travel destinations, one blue flag to mark where you are going next, and one yellow flag to mark your favorite destination thus far. Immediately, the kids started planning our next trips just by looking at the map, but then they started realizing all of the places they have been. They were especially excited to pin our most recent excursion to Roatan (Honduras), Belize and Cozumel.

As for a dream travel destination, my kids are hoping we can pull off a trip to Rome next fall for my sister-in-law’s big wedding. Hawaii, Scotland, and Alaska also top their list of places to go. Indeed, this map has turned into a visual family bucket list.

Confession: When I was younger I had a map, fold creases and all, pinned to my wall with flat tacks. I would place shiny star stickers on the various locations I had visited. Unfortunately, such a homemade version didn’t last. The stickers would roll and were too big to really give me the opportunity to point out the exact locations of my travels. I gave up and that map ended up crunch in the trash. I chuckle looking back, especially when admiring my new world traveler wall art. Map Your Travels’ map options are a nice way to literally pin your jaunts in a mature, beautiful fashion, plus you can personalize the map anyway you wish.

If you don’t consider yourself a “world traveler” – that’s okay. Map Your Travels also has many other options including a U.S. Traveler Map and U.S. Children’s Map and also niche themed maps: National Parks Traveler Map, Premier Golf Courses, Civil War Battle Fields, and Ballparks of Major League Baseball (talk about fantastic gift ideas). Outside of the US there is the UK, Italian, French, and German Traveler Maps ($69/each).

There is no doubt every traveling family should have such a special way to marking their memories. Perhaps even one for every family member.

Thank you to Map Your Travels for introducing my family to such a fun and interactive way to plan, remember and highlight our travels!

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    Kara Williams says:

    I love my family’s US map soooooo much! It hangs prominently in our living room. Just looking back at the post I wrote about it in 2008, and see that my family has been to all of our green “dream” destinations. So fun!


  2. 2
    Rita says:

    What a fun addition to a home for planning that next special bucket list trip, as well as remembering those awesome trips already taken.

  3. 3

    This is an excellent idea! Thanks for the tip. I was just thinking on what to do with all the souvenirs I got. It would be such a waste to throw them away so I better just make a map of the traveling I have got. Some DIY art will make my time worthwhile.

  4. 4

    Wow! I so want this map! Really happy that I have come across this post. It is like my dream from childhood, I always wanted to put pins in the map :)

    But only 50, what about if I have been more places?

    • 4.1
      Igor says:

      In Facebook, I have so far marked 267 cities in almost 30 countries… — Easy, as I used to work for the Oriental Institute (and then I traveled A LOT!), and since 1999, been a guide for a tourist company with which I have traveled all across Europe, up to ten times a year.

      – Igor F.Naftul’eff, St.Petersburg, Russia

  5. 5
    Beatrice says:

    Thanks for the tip. Hope to try it out.

  6. 6
    Alan Chien says:


    Thank you for your tip, very good idea!

    Thank you

  7. 7
    Alan Chien says:


    I am arranging motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Maps are so important to us. Thank you for sharing great Idea.
    Thank you

  8. 8
    Babs Figlio says:

    I just recently received my map and have already used all my red pins. How can I order more?


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