Mexico Travel Warnings: Is Mexico Safe for Spring Break Travel?

Planning a spring break vacation usually starts with deciding on a destination. Spring break vacations in North America typically lead college students and families to warm, southern spots – Orlando and South Beach in Florida, for example, or Los Angeles and San Diego in California – perhaps to celebrate that t-shirt and shorts season is right around the corner in more wintry climes. Mexico has long been a popular vacation destination, spring break and otherwise, but recent years’ travel warnings from the US Department of State have led to travel planners looking elsewhere. A month ago, the US State Department updated its “Mexico Travel Warning” to indicate what it deems as risk to traveling in Mexico. Some US citizens have been the target of violent crimes, says the travel warning release, including kidnappings, robberies and carjackings. Yikes! Sounds pretty scary at first glance, doesn’t it?

Mexico travel warnings is Mexico safe for spring break travel

Well, I think this is a shame. The US State Department, and last year the Texas Department of Public Safety, warn against spring break travel to Mexico because of crime and corruption stemming from the drug trade and cartels. While no one would advise travel to the aggrieved border states (i.e., the Mexican states that border the US), Mexico is a big country. There are plenty of desirable vacation destinations in Mexico that are safer than many tourist-friendly cities in the United States. Why cross an entire country off your potential spring break, family or luxury travel destinations? It certainly would not be good for the overall health of Mexico’s economy if tourist dollars diminish, hence, cease to give that economy a boost.

Iguana at Tulum in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico spring break travel

The fascinating Mayan history on display in the Yucatan Peninsula/Mayan Riviera is available to all able-bodied travelers. Hiking to and exploring the Mayan ruins makes for an enriching cultural highlight of any trip to Mexico. The historic, cultural, and culinary travel adventures to be had in Mexico are incredible.

Mexico travel warnings is Mexico safe for spring break travel

Even an all-inclusive spring break vacation, family trip or luxury vacation is as pampering and upscale in Mexico as anywhere else; from Cancun on the east to Los Cabos on the west coast, tropical luxury vacations here are safe. In fact, AAA awarded two more resorts in Mexico with the Five Diamond designation, its highest level. Grand Velas All Suites & Spa resort in Riviera Maya and La Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun are the newest inductees. This gives Mexico a total of fourteen AAA Five Diamond Award properties, along with four AAA Five Diamond restaurants. That the resorts are investing so heavily in upgrades and renovations to achieve this notoriety speaks to the fact that travelers who pay attention know that most of Mexico is a wonderful place to spend a spring break vacation, a family vacation, a luxury vacation, or a combination of all three.

The beach in Cancun, Mexico safe for spring break travel

The fourteen resorts and hotels in Mexico that received the AAA Five Diamond Award are all notable for their highest level of luxury accommodations:

* JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa in Cancun
* The Ritz-Carlton in Cancun
* La Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun
* Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos
* Four Seasons Hotel Mexico D.F. in Mexico City
* Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya
* Grand Velas All Suites & Spa resort in Riviera Maya
* Mandarin Oriental in Riviera Maya
* Occidental Royal Hideaway Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya
* Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya
* Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya in Riviera Maya
* Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort in Riviera Nayarit
* Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Riviera Nayarit
* The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Riviera Nayarit.

No one is recommending that tourists book lodging in Mexico’s border states. That would be foolhardy at best, and at worst, calamitous. But remember that the resort areas of Mexico are as safe, sunny, and tourist-friendly as ever. The US State Department paints with a broad stroke. Don’t allow fear to rule your travel planning decisions for spring break vacations, or any other time of year. The border states of Mexico may inadvisable for travel, but the popular tourist destinations remain safe for luxury, family, and spring break vacations.

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    “Don’t allow fear to rule your travel planning decisions for spring break vacations, or any other time of year.” Amen! Between this post and Twenty Something Travel’s recent post about Mexico, I hope travelers start to realize that you shouldn’t write off an entire country based on what the news outlets and state department tells you! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy travels :)

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      Phillip Roth says:

      If anyone for one minute believes that the drug cartels have not invaded the tourist areas, they are mistaken. The whole area around Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta is both fertile drug areas and criminal areas. The staff in the hotels will gladly sell any drug that is available. The bars on the windows are there to keep the thieves out. The chief of police’s car was attacked with two hand grenades and machine gunned. With so many other wonderful areas to vacation why risk your lives in Mexico?

    • 1.2
      Joe Smith says:

      yeah Philip I would have been much safer to have visited Kuala Lumpur and hopped on MH370

    • 1.3
      Caye says:

      Do not sign up for any travel credits!~ SCAM Exploreurworld
      You will be ripped off BIG time! Never do business with this company!
      They will lie and not return calls and they don’t care!!! Its a SCAM

    • 1.4
      Bruce P says:

      Philip Roth, to say that Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta is dangerous is just stupid. I live in this area on a boat, with my family, we have been in the Puerto Vallarta area the last 8 months, taking buses and walking all around this wonderful city and the surrounding towns. I can honestly say that I see more incidences of crime in the upscale, low-crime area I call home in the U.S. I have also driven many thousands of miles by rented car visiting the cities and towns of interior Mexico, places like Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Puebla, Oaxaca, and the hundreds of small towns in between, and have never once felt unsafe or threatened. People who think Mexico is unsafe are just plain misinformed.

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    Catherine says:

    I was a little worried when I started reading this that you were going to say that it wasn’t safe to travel there, but I’m glad you didn’t! I completely agree with what you’re saying – it’s such a big place, any places has good and bad parts, and you can’t rule it out ’cause of one or two stories in the news!

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    Beth Hardy says:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote a very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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    All Talk Entertainment says:

    Let’s face it, there can be danger right around the corner from where we live but are we going to let that stop us from going out to go do our daily thing??? No!!! So why let it stop you from going to Mexico or any other location. It’s all in how you conduct yourself and knowing where to go while there. Don’t go off the beaten path.

    • 4.1
      Lynda says:

      You are absolutely right All Talk Entertainment. I moved from Arizona to southern Mexico when I retired and have never felt safer in my life. The last several months I lived in Tucson there was at lease one or two murders a day. Sure things happen here and you have to be cautious wherever you live, but I find this area around Lake Chapala one of the safest I have ever lived in with the people and police being very accommodating to all the ex-pats who live here.

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    Vidal Demonti says:

    I fully agree but would like to add that not only luxury resorts are safe…I spend I great deal of time in Mexico on a budget and find it a wonderful safe place to vacation. Guadalajara if you like a big city is just great, weather, people and lots of things to do. Great hotels too. I walk at night and never had a problem or felt unsafe. Mexico City the same, Puerto Vallarta, Morelia, Poebla and so on, what a great country and what great people! Don’t read all the bad stuff in the news. It is what makes the news. The same bad things can happen in your own back yard at home. Travel in Mexico is fun and safe.

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      Sharon Twardowski says:

      I would say that most resorts are safe, one still has to use caution, no matter where you vacation. We are ex-pat Canadians that chose to live in San Carlos, Sonora about 8 hours south of the US border on the west coast. It is safer here than any capital city of most states/provinces in North America. Is there crime? yes a few break ins and once a year maybe an attempted car theft, any place has crime, but here there is no drug violence and our little town is mainly families, snowbirds in winter and a few of us transplants that stay all year. The police patrol through the neighborhoods about 4 times every 24 hours. I feel safer walking in the evening than I ever would in my home town of Edmonton, Alberta, usually people you pass say hello or wave to you at the least. We have great restaurants with all sorts of food choices, beautiful beaches, good food stores, and the best taco stand in all of the area 1/2 block from our house. Mexico is not without it’s challenges, but we are still learning and have help from local friends to help us learn the language (essential for living here) to navigate things like getting driver’s licences and car permits, so we can travel around the state. For ourselves, we prefer not to go to resorts as you never really experience the culture of a place, but if you like sanitized, watered down vacations then resorts are probably a good choice.

    • 5.2
      Max Santiago says:

      Sharon ……………please!!!…….DONT REVEAL THE BEST KEPT SECRET BEACH IN ALL OF MEXICO!!!!…….if you keep telling people how fantastic San Carlos is with its gorgeous warm and calm waters from the Sea of Cortez,the really affordable hotel and fishing excursions, the delicious and very affordable seafood and other cultural foods, the year around pleasent climate in the Sonora desert where it rains about 10 times a year….very friendly locals whom appreciate the value of tourist and their local economy…….. keep telling everyone Sharon and this will turn into another beautiful Mexican beach city ruined by the ugly american tourist and the crazy college age kids that have rude and crass behaviour as their travel M.O., so please keep this gorgeous beach city of San Carlos Sonora a secret!!!!………….please!!!!.

    • 5.3
      José Manuel says:

      Hi Sharon Twardowski and Max Santiago! Glad to hear you are enjoying life in Sonora. You should come down to Cocorit, Sonora (about 1.5hrs from San Carlos). I’t’s a small town with interesting cultural activities and good concerts in Spanish and English at my restaurant, La Komunila.Shoot me an email if you are interested. My friend has an RV park and lodges here. lakomunila@gmail.comhttp://www.lakomunila.com

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    Brian Fey says:

    Thanks for trying to reduce the fear about travel in Mexico.

    I have been living in Michoacan, Mexico since 2004 and am very annoyed by uninformed fear people spread.
    I would like to add that travel in Mexico is safe outside resorts as well. I have hosted thousands of travelers without incident.
    The Bosque Village, were I live, is off the beaten path and there are lots of great tourist options nearby.

    Mexico is a very safe and interested place for travel.

    • 6.1
      Sharon Twardowski says:

      Thanks Jennifer, Brian, and all others with positive things to say about Mexico. NOT ALL OF MEXICO IS DANGEROUS, it is just like anyplace else no place is totally safe. We too love living in Mexico – San Carlos, Sonora, not overly touristy but enough that we have lots to do. We read all the warnings and decided that if others we knew could come down here and not have issues then we could too. We chose to retire and live here full time, we are still learning things, but would not trade the experiences we have had so far. A person can run into issues anywhere, even resorts, we have heard stories about some terrible things that happened to people we know. My advice for anyone wanting to travel here, or especially to live here, is to follow the rules, obey the laws, and learn the language, even the basics, you will earn the respect of the people if you at least can say hello, please and thank you in Spanish.

  7. 7

    Totally agree about not letting fear rule your decision making process.

    • 7.1
      Pancho says:

      let fear rule when you lack common sense is not such a bad concept. EACH YEAR over 300 American and 50 European visitors to Mexico stay there permanently, for reasons of unforeseen death. Not counting the 500 Central American killed in Mexico each year, and especially not the 8,000 Mexicans murdered by mysterious machetes. I recommend vacationing in Yemen or Somalia, it’s much safer.

    • 7.2
      Cruiser says:

      And then of course you can always either IGNORE or TWIST statistics like Pancho. In 2009, the District of Columbia (I THINK that’s a pretty big tourist area???) recorded 24.2 homicides per 100,000 while Mexico City recorded 9 per 100,000. Just remember, everything is relative. Be wary whenever you go ANYWHERE, but needless fear is just that, needless.

  8. 8
    Willie Uhrig says:

    Foolhardy? We winter in San Carlos, Sonora and have for a number of years. And we’re not the only ones – there are thousands of American and Canadian snow birders here. Although Sonora is a border state, most of it is quite safe (at least as safe as many cities in the U S).

    • 8.1
      Sharon Twardowski says:

      Thanks Willie for standing up for San Carlos, we are lucky enough to live here full time and really like it, everyplace has challenges and crime, but why live in fear? We have so many friends who will never come to see this beautiful west coast gem, due to fear imposed by the government, and news media. One tourist gets in trouble and the whole country is bad, so therefore one should never go to my hometown Edmonton AB they have multiple murders and other crimes daily. It is all perception and no one is safe anywhere, even in a fancy resort.

  9. 9
    Ron says:

    We’ve spent several months in San Miguel de Allende each winter for the past five years and are in SMA now. We use prudent judgement and refrain from bar hopping until the wee hours. Although there have been several “incidents” over the years, they do not appear to be random acts of violence. We encourage particular sensitivity to the Shorty Guzman arrest last week as the drug trade will probably be turbulent for a while. No one really knows where violence will erupt. Enjoy Mexico, just don’t do anything stupid.

  10. 10

    It’s so sad that the media gives so much negative attention to Mexico. Last night, I forgot my cell, so was forced to walk two hours home from the botanical gardens down dark abandoned streets. I never felt unsafe or scared. It’s an amazing place that many are missing out on!

  11. 11
    Chris says:

    My family goes to Mexico almost every year (Cancun, PV, Riviera Maya, Cabo) and we LOVE it. We take our daugher (3 yo) and we usually go with my parents so its fun for all. Its no different than anywhere else… some places are better than others and its always best to do things in groups and to not be flashy with money or attire. We are from Philly so there are plenty of places closer to home that are much scarier.

  12. 12
    Nicole says:

    I live in Aguascalientes, Mexico and just wanted to say as most of the comments have mentioned as well, that Mexico just as any other place has good and bad places to be and just as any other place you just have to take common sense actions to be safe. In touristic spots just pay attention and take security measures as you would in any other place, secure your passport, don’t drift to not so good looking neighborhoods, don’t leave your jewelry and other valuables unattended or at plain sight in the hotel,e tc, etc. Don’t let the news discourage you from your trip, I’m sure you will have the best time! (Actually I wish I was in Cancun right now)

  13. 13

    The Yucatan Peninsula/Mayan Riviera is a great suggestion. We love that area of Mexico and I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique Mayan cultural experience.

  14. 14
    irmacantarell@netscape.net says:

    I live in Cozumel and I can say its probably one of the safest places on earth!

    • 14.1
      Dawn says:

      I DOUBT THAT VERY MUCH. Obviously you have never been to Canada.

    • 14.2
      Joe Smith says:

      and she gets down on her knees and praises the almighty she hasn’t…eh?

    • 14.3
      Francis Dryden says:

      Came to Mexico from Canada to live 2 years ago… just saw 5 young people were stabbed to death in Calgary last night and a bunch more found similar problems in Calgary and Edmonton respectively… don’t go there!

      Turn off CNN and the world IS A BETTER PLACE!

  15. 15
    R'Dee Sherwood says:

    Ben and I sojourned to Cozumel for year to dive. In 2000, we made the island our home, and it was the BEST years of our lives. We drove from the US boarder to Belize and only encountered ONE mishap, and that was due to our poor choice in Mexico City. One just needs to remember to “look both ways before crossing the street”….in other words, be aware wherever you travel and enjoy.

    • 15.1
      Sharon Twardowski says:

      DAWN exactly what little village do you live in back there in Canada? We lived in Alberta, in what we thought was a nice safe farming community. 10 kms from where we lived there was a dead body found in a field, violence was cause of death, we had drug dealers growing pot 13 kms east of our place, break ins and property damage in the small town nearby almost every other month and in 2011 Edmonton, AB was the murder capital of Canada. The last time by husband and I went into Edmonton for dinner, I was scared to walk 2 blocks from the parkade to the restaurant, in a city that I once thought was safe. Here in San Carlos, we have walked home at 1 AM and not been afraid. If you think that all of Canada is safe, you are delusional.

  16. 16
    Mel says:

    I find it interesting how every year, the U S state department updates travel to Mexico during spring break, wouldnt have anything to do with wanting the kids to spend all that money in the US.Maybe they should give tourist warnings about traveling in the US. If people did their homework no one would travel in the US.

  17. 17
    Tanya says:

    An article that has it right. I have lived in the Riviera Maya for 6 1/2 years. Beautiful and safe. Thanks Jennifer for this clarity on traveling to Mexico.

  18. 18
    glenn jacobson says:

    It seems that everybody praises wherever it is that they visit. Some say to not go off the beaten path. What kind of travel is that? Off the beaten path is always the most fun. Two years ago I tried one of my favorite places for eleven days, which was very enjoyable. Few tourists and lodging easily available. With only a small bag I ventured anywhere I wished in the city mostly by foot. In the evening I chose accomodation wherever I found myself rather than having to backtrack. I can’t wait to return to my beloved border city of Tijuana. Great food, friendly people, and interesting places, in the hills especially. I took a local bus to the beach at Rosarito where I had a splendid lunch. No one promotes Tijuana for tourism which seems to keep it free of tourists which was fine for me. Why go there, or anywhere else just to mix with your kind? The Mexican people couldn’t have been more pleasant. Another nice thing about Tijuana is the convenience of getting there from the U.S.

  19. 19
    Crabby Bill says:

    We are in Cabo right now. It’s beautiful, as it has been for the many years we have been coming here. It is certainly safer than Philly or Chicago!
    And, new construction abounds, the roads get better each year – Rt19 from Cabos to La Paz is now all for lane. From Cabo to Toto Santos (Hotel California fame) along the coast is now 45 minutes.
    Whales are great this year, saw about 30 close up on the Pez Gatto yesterday.
    The crowds do seem down this year, but, still, lots of spring breakers, families, golfers, fishing, surfing, diving, and beachers.

  20. 20
    Jim says:

    Mexico is a great place to visit or live, as I do.
    I have visited Mx for years. Now have bought in Ensenada, a wonderful place to be.
    Just 2 hours drive from USA, it is a great place for recreation, fishing, off road adventures and really fantastic food.
    Don’t be miss lead by the media and other negative reports. Mexico, at least my area, is safe and the people are warm and welcoming . English is a second language of most here, so it easy to communicate. They accept US dollars.
    Very good tourist or retirement place

  21. 21
    Tm says:

    Folks,I have lived in Mexico and Texas for over 30 years. DO NOT send your children even remotely close to the border,either on the Texas side or the Mexican side. Also, cartels have board meeting yes board meetings.During these meetings members are given strict orders to pass along to their so called covered areas,to kidnap American citizens.The monetary value for their return is expected always to be large but rarely will you have someone returned. The Cartels are without a doubt the most barbarric people without a sense or morality or descent human compassion. We hear of mass graves on a daily turn being recovered, most are mutilated beyond recognition and tortured beyond what a human could even imagine. STAY AWAY.Until the Mexican community irradicates these criminals that are now public officials ,the place is unsafe and does not deserve your hard earned money.

    • 21.1
      Stephen Small says:

      The Mexican community may have problems on the Border but no doubt these are equally matched by the North American community, I have travelled to major cities in both countries and it is a simple fact, Mexico is safer by far.Until the Americans can control their drug addicts, eliminate the poverty they have,cure their extreme racism and control guns, I would suggest that all normal and intelligent persons stay away from the United States of America.

    • 21.2
      Francis Dryden says:


    • 21.3
      Sharon Twardowski says:

      Tim you are right we have heard bad things about that area, and the cartels are not going away. Until governments on both sides get together to shut them down, we must be smart about travel. I would not recommend certain parts of any country, but most of Mexico is safe if you are smart and use the uncommon thing called ‘Common sense’. Do not wear flashy clothes, expensive jewelry or show wads of cash and credit cards, be polite and obey the rules and laws. Do not get drunk and act a fool, which unfortunately happens a lot here. Children should have parental supervision and if you meant teenagers, they absolutely need a chaperone.

  22. 22
    adf says:

    We have lived in San Felipe Mexico, a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem, for 8 years and have never experienced any of the horror stories that the USA news spreads. Our advise is stay away from the drugs and they will stay away from you. We enjoy everyday down here, meeting new Mexican national friends and expats.

  23. 23
    Allen Manana says:

    Ah yes ! The usual “Travel Warnings”. Basically stay in the U.S. of A., spend your money here.
    Me? Travelled all across the USA and Canada, and not enough of Mexico.
    Where I live, the weather is boring, always predictable, always great.
    The people are polite and friendly in Mazatlan, a cultural shock. Do I encourage tourists? No.
    It’s lovely here, stay in the USA and Canada, no cheap thrills here.
    It takes even the best of travelers at least 4 days to acclimatize , so please don’t come here for one week.
    Living here? Our secret.

    • 23.1
      Sharon Twardowski says:

      LOL I feel the same way, if you cannot come here for at least a month, don’t bother. Of course getting to San Carlos, Sonora takes a bit of doing, no daily air service, so that’s great, we don’t get that plane load of new thrill seekers, every 10 days. Some folks should not come to Mexico, they can’t handle the great weather, excellent local food and friendly people, not to mention the language barrier. Nothing to see here.

  24. 24
    Swiss visitor says:

    This article’s author deserves to be praised for her very clear and objective article. She is absolutely right to note that Mexico offers a very broad range of interesting things to see and do, be it for its nature, its excellent hotel resorts or its plurimillenial cultural heritage. Let us not forget that more than 650 native idioms are spoken in this marvelous country. The cities I enjoyed most were Merida and Guadalajara. Again, two thumbs up for this excellent article. Kind regards from Switzerland –)).

  25. 25

    Avoid the drug traffic and you’ll be fine. After 15 months of criss-crossing Mexico, my new book looks at Americans and Canadians who’ve chosen to avoid the big expat colonies in San Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala. What they’ve found is both diverse and surprising.

  26. 26
    Johnny says:

    Queretaro is wonderful and safe. I spent 17 days yhere helping out at an orphanage Casa hogar esperanza para ti. Amazing time!

  27. 27
    val songer says:

    I’m disappointed that Mazatlan wasn’t mentioned at all. It is a gorgeous place to visit and we seldom hear a negative comment from anyone who has come here. There are mostly americans and Canadian tourists and everyone agrees this is the place to be! come and check it out!!!

    • 27.1
      Dave Stark says:

      Fuck you and all of your dipshit white trash folk. Just fuck off

  28. 28
    Ix Bluhm says:

    This was a good and objective article , B& R IN CANCUN myself I know our touristic paradises in Mexico have been affected by the things that happen most of the time in other regions of the country. It is true that we have a lot of problems, very sad yes , but so do other places in the world , even in the US , I remember few years ago while I was in Miami how everybody warned us about not walking too far from the hotel at night ant that city is still to this day one of the” places to be”, NYC was considered very dangerous for many years and I don´t think people stopped going because of that , I´ve personally been there many times and had always a great time so please don´t get influenced by so much crap, of course you gotta have common sense, t ake care of yourself, stay away from drugs, etc , it is absolutely true what a lot of people here commented; it´s not like if you go to a beach city in Mexico your probabilities to get shot, mutilated or raped should be consider, just stay away of trouble and be cautious. I live in Germany now and I explain this to the persons who are dying to travel to my country and are a little nervous about it. ENJOY MEXICO, ENJOY C ANCUN OR WHATEVER YOUR DESTINY MAY BE!!!!!! we mexicans are just like other people around the world, some are good people some are not, that´s it, and thanks to all those americans, canadians living there who comment about how nice life is there!!

  29. 29
    Dave Stark says:

    Plain and simple:

    FUCK OFF gringos!

    • 29.1
      John Gringo says:

      Dave, what’s your problem and which side are you on? I have lived in the little Colonial town of Patzcuaro in the ” dangerous” state of Michoacan for 3 years. Safest place I have ever lived. Seattle, where I come from is dangerous. Texas where I have lived is murderous. Patzcuaro is safe, beautiful, the people are great, and it has the best climate! Why live anywhere else

  30. 30
    Juan Castano says:

    Well lets see, my wife and I expated ourselves to Baja California Sur a number of years ago, have lived there ever since. We live in a small village some miles outside of La Paz and it is very nice and safe. La Paz, which kinda doesn’t care if tourists come to the area or not, although the pople are very friendly to gabachos, is a safe and lovely city. You can walk on the malecon at midnight and you would have no problem. Everything is available in La Paz. We go there about once a month to stock up on food and pet supplies, lots of pets! So although I don’t invite gringoes to come here, if you do yuo will not be assaulted, beaten, robbed, mudered or kidnapped. So if you want to rely on the lying, sensation seeking media, be my guest – stay home. I really liked the article, so true!

  31. 31
    Justin says:

    Maxico is very well-known location for many individuals in the Unite states. Declares, not only is it cost-effective but the individuals themselves are very welcoming towards people from other countries. The economic circumstances of Maxico make going there extremely cost-effective for the common United states resident. Some well-known locations within Maxico include: Mayan Riveira, Jamaica, Maxico city, and for the more amazing male there is always Tijuana where you can stay in a four-star resort at a affordable price.

  32. 32
    Elena says:

    I live in Mexico and run all over the country. We are in Cancun as I write. The only problems are in the border states that might affect tourists. I live in Morelia, Michoacan, where it is normally peaceful. I work in amd travel in many Mexican states. You will love Cancun. I like Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa on the Pacific coast.

  33. 33
    Rich says:

    I am in Mexico at this very minute. Probably my 20th trip here…the so called news hypes the negative and blows it way out of proportion. We visit Cabo, Cancun/Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit and Acapulco all the time and have been to Mazatlan and other places.
    Never the slightest problem, never seen the slightest problem.
    The issues the border areas have are primarily the fault of American visitors who go to buy drugs and get laid. If the college kids and hell raisers did not go there to find that, there would be no market for it. Yes dealers are scum, but no worse than those who patronize them.

    • 33.1
      Keesa says:

      Totally agree. And just to mention one more positive, we have just moved to San Miguel de Allende and are building our dream house here. The only bad news we hear or read about are the older people walking down a street after a few too many drinks after hours and getting held up every now and then. No different from Miami where we moved form… :-)

  34. 34
    Richard says:

    I have travelled all over the world including many parts of Mexico. I always prefer to mingle with locals , travel aboard local bus routes, meet people one to one. I have always felt safe and never had a problem in Mexico. If you venture into unsafe areas and get intoxicated then that is just foolhardy. Keep a cool head and treat people well and usually you get back what you project.

  35. 35
    Malcolm says:

    I used to travel to San Carlos monthly for over five years to sail on the Sea of Cortez. Now I live here full time to enjoy my sail boat weekly, the marvelous people here, the fabulous food, the great weather, and the general civility that is always present. I am in my early eighties and treated by young and old as a treasure. Try and find that in the US ofA. Nearly everyone is polite and helpful when you go shopping, or eating out or just walking down the street with your cane in the evening. Marvelous people and county!
    Safe? Yes! Less murders in the State of Sonora then in City of Tucson Az. for most any time frame! Comfortable? Yes! Affordable? Very! Fun? Limitless! Welcoming? Warm. Do you deserve this? Perhaps?…

  36. 36
    f carter says:

    We just got back from a 3 week action in Mexico the speedometer read almost 5 thousand miles, that French vehicle with a Diesel engine was a fuel saver. Traveled to T.J. Mex. down Baja Calif down to La Paz, took the ferry to the other side of Mazatlan a fair city by the coast. Went thru 63 tunnels 62 bridges and a wide range of rough terrain thru the state of Sonora, a sight for sore eyes. also took the Chipe train on a 17 hours tour thru the grand canyon of Mex. four time bigger then the state of Col. Canyon.

    We stayed in clean motels ranging from 30 to 50 USD. There are Wal marts all over Mex. Auto Zone also located in a one Burro town Ha! And gas stations up the Gazette thru out Mexico, we met some of the most friendly people, sorry no! Drug Dealers!
    I was stopped by the federal police, he gave me a hand shake and advice me to watch my speed, which I did. When you drive thru open terrain you seem to get hypnotize with that gorgeous scenery that you over look your speed.

  37. 37
    Carmen Legorreta says:

    Con todos estos comentarios no me resta más que decirles que México es querido en todo el mundo. Es cierto que tenemos un problema de seguridad. Sin embargo, México cuenta con muchos atractivos. Climas muy variados, una gama de alimentos locales que pocos países en el mundo tienen. Cada Estado cuenta con un sinfin de actividades sumamente interesante, dado el contenido cultural – histórico que se convierte en maravilloso atractivo a cualquier visitante.
    En cualquier parte del mundo uno debe manejarse con sumo cuidado. Debe observar normas de seguridad personales. Debe saber conducirse con respeto y educación hacia sí mismo y los lugares en los que está.
    Por supuesto que antes de internarse en una aventura es inminente investigar cuán seguro sería iniciarla. El criterio y el autorespeto es muy importante y eso no nos lo dan los lugares a los que vamos, nos lo da la educación familiar.
    El artículo me parece muy interesante y abierto a invitar a quien quiera a viajar a México. Un artículo muy respetuoso y que me gustó leer hasta el final, lo mismo que todos los comentarios. México, como casi todos los países del mundo tiene un sin fin de atractivos; solo que en México cada estado es como ir a un distinto país. Tan sólo en Oaxca se pueden escuchar al rededor de 365 lenguas distintas. Gracias.

  38. 38
    JIM ABBOTT says:



  39. 39

    I agree with Jim. Bahia de Kino is a hidden pearl.

  40. 40
    JOHN VERING says:

    and then there is COPALA in Cabo San Lucas, http://www.copalaloscabos.com

  41. 41
    Dave Allison says:

    Merida, Mexico in the North-central Yucatan Peninsula is another Mexican city of more than a million residents and is home to the Maya people. You will rarely find a community that shows a warmer welcome to visitors than the Mayans. Strong, hard working and proud of their history that stretches a millennium earlier than the European “civilizations” that invaded them, the residents here are proud of the safety and security of their city and state.

    The violence and the drug traffic will finally stop when the US ends the “drug war” and removes the profit for the gangs in both Mexico and the USA. In the meantime, stay safe, stay smart and, from time to time, compare the rates of gun violence or all violent deaths per 100,000 people in Merida, Cabo, Cancun or Mexico as a whole with the rates in New York City, Chicago, LA, Indianapolis, Phoenix or the USA as a whole. It will make you feel very confident in moving to or visiting in Mexico.

  42. 42
    Tony Nee says:

    This is all propaganda. I am shocked how racist Americans are, or I am not.

  43. 43
    Rhoda says:

    My husband and I are from Calgary, Canada and after 12 years visiting Mexico, decided to move here for good. We chose the Yucatan Peninsula, specifically a small town 30 minutes out of the capital city of Merida. The locals treat us like family, and the cost of living doesn’t come anywhere close to what our monthly bills were in Canada. The weather, perfect! No snow to shovel! Every morning I get up and look out the window at palm trees and my pool and wonder how I got to be so lucky! We drive everywhere without reservation. When we need to be reminded of how dangerous the world is, we just turn on CNN for a couple hours, and my husband says, “But don’t move to Mexico!” Lol!

  44. 44
    Eric says:

    You are probably safer in most of Mexico than Washington D.C. or Miami. I mean I grew up in New York when Mayor Koch was running things and it was considered dangerous too. But if you live there, it’s a little different you know which streets and areas are the divider between good and bad. Where not to go after 11pm, or 1am, or 2am. What not to wear or be holding. Not be looking around or up at the tall buildings like a tourist with your mouth hanging open. I live in Palm Beach. Parts of this area are very dangerous. Like most cities it’s usually the parts near the highway (95), about a mile to either side. There’s parts that you just learn (from watching the news) that you don’t really want to be in, or be stuck in a red light in. Then, 2 miles away, it’s harmless. Polo horse playgrounds and million dollar houses.

    Everywhere is dangerous if you’re not from “there” and since most tourists are not from “there” pretty much anywhere a tourist goes can be considered dangerous.

  45. 45
    john says:

    Wow..I am a 60 year old white man from Calgary and have lived in Puerto Vallarta for two years. All you pussies better stay at home and keep your heads up your ass if you think Mexico is unsafe!! I have driven to Cabo and back and then to PV. I have many Mexican friends and wish that Americans and Canadians were as happy as the average Mexican…they know how to laugh. If you would like to get a life…try exhaling and farting at the same time.

    If after three tries and your head is still stuck,give up and stay home! Hide under your mamas dress and suck your thumb. I would be more worried about Obama and Prime Minister Harper. They are the real bandits!
    Kiss your liberty and ass goodbye. I must admit that Chicago and Edmonton Alberta are two places I don’t need to visit. Talk about shootings…now that is a bit scary….

    Don’t ya think? I suppose you don’t think or see…because the sun does not shine in your ass. It is sunny here and warm all the time just like the people. Nice to read about other tourists who defend Mexico and know how to live.

    As for you pussies……who listen to CNN…..wake up! You make me laugh…you would just get a sunburn anyway
    because you are in fact un-informed ignorant gringos….please stay home…. I don’t want your kind here.

    Go to Vegas….wow..that is your idea of a holiday? pathetic or what!

  46. 46
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  47. 47
    Alma says:

    I believe you are missinformed. México isn’t unsafe. You probably haven’t been there, but I invite you to go, and if you have time please visit my favourite places:
    Cabo San Lucas
    Mazunte beach (never seen such beautiful place)
    Islas Marietas
    Barrancas del cobre (and the Chepe’s train, awesome landscapes)
    San Miguel de Allende (beautiful little town)
    Tequila Jalisco
    Xochimilco (México described in one word)
    And there are plenty others, but I can’t remember the names.

  48. 48

    We’ve been to Mexico on several occasions and never felt threatened. It’s a wonderful place, but like anywhere in the world you just need to be smart.

  49. 49
    Erik says:

    I have been to Puerto Vallarta, I have stayed in Villa del Palmar and Villa La Estancia
    and nothing ever happened to me, on the contrary have been of the best experiences

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