Giving in to the “Minivan Mom” Title

Never say never. That phrase is one that I’ve learned to repeat over and honda oover. No matter how stubborn I can be, life experiences tend to twist and turn my opinions, decisions, and plans as unexpected courses take place. This past weekend I once again muttered this phrase and I wasn’t happy about it – at first. And it was based off one word: minivan.

With a third child on the way, the family dynamic will be changing in just a matter of weeks. With this in mind my husband tapped into his savvy research skills to find the best suited automobile for our growing family. He found several contenders. Honestly, I didn’t feel the need to change cars but my husband pointed out we needed more space. Our five-passenger Envoy would soon be maxed out offering no room for after school playdates or my parents, in-laws or stepsons visiting. Hesitantly, I agreed to browse the offerings at our local Honda dealership.

Upon arrival I meandered the dealership’s indoor showroom, peering into various sparkling new cars, comparing price tags and gas milages. Then I heard, “Mom, come here! Get in!” My kids were waving at me frantically from inside an Odyssey minivan. I laughed. “That’s a minivan…”

I had decided long ago that I would never be a minivan mom. Yet to appease my darlings, I slid into the the backseat while noting the fresh new car aroma. The leather seats were smooth and both back rows were roomy and way more spacious than the Pilot we were originally eyeing.

I moved to the driver’s seat, noting how comfortable my eight month pregnant body felt gliding into the car then after adjusting the seat I thought, I could sit here all day. Dismissing my newfound comfort I began scanning the minivan, trying my best to find the negatives of this shiny new automobile. But I couldn’t. It had everything. This model (the Touring) is equipped with navigation and a sweet entertainment system, a DVD player and headsets for the backset passengers while allowing the driver and front seat passenger to listen to their own music. Then there’s the door convenience. With the push of a button (via the front dash or key) the sliding doors whisks open for my high-energy children to climb in and out without my having to remind them to be careful of the neighboring cars’ doors – a dream come true on those blustery winter days.

I agreed to take the minivan for a spin. Our test drive proved the Odyssey to be a quiet ride but also impressive with its slick safety features like the Backup Camera, a feature I have missed immensely (think avoiding cars, people, pets, and toys left on the driveway), Parking Sensors that warn the driver if an object is too close and possibly in danger of coming in contact with the car, Lane Departure Warning (an alarm sounds if the car begins to cross lane lines while driving over 40 mph) as well as a Blind Spot Camera on the right side of the car. While the Odyssey is fairly large it manages well on the road – although snow tires may be necessary next winter. Then there are the easy flip up/down back seats, expandable middle row seats (ideal for infant car seats or adult passenger comfort), the ice cooler in the front, and the easy walk thru from the front passenger seat to the back (hello, long drives with a crying baby). It was as if the salespeople knew my family loved to travel, because they kept saying…and you will love the Odyssey on road trips!

I could not find any negatives about this piece of machinery, other than the fact that it’s a minivan.

And with that final sentence I signed on the dotted line, giving into the Minivan Mom title. I know this moniker won’t last forever, as I’ve already witnessed how quickly children grow up but I will say that I will cherish every moment with every click of the minivan sliding door button.

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    I love my Odyssey! Welcome to the wonderful world of minivandom!

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      Beth Blair says:

      I didn’t know that’s what you drive! It’s awesome!

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    JoJo igins says:

    Though fashion has long since passed it by, the minivan is simply the best all-around people mover on the planet. It can haul 7 people, or 12-foot lumber, or two adult bicycles, or 1000 pounds of cargo, or… The list goes on and on. And this is without mentioning roof cargo capabilities and the 3500 pound towing capacity. All this while getting better fuel economy and costing less than an SUV with the same capabilities.

    Your yuppie friends will laugh to your face for owning one, but you get to laugh behind their backs at their ignorance.

  3. 3
    Rory says:

    If you like your 5 seat Envoy then why not choose a 7 seat Envoy?
    Why go for a foreign car?

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    rajashri says:

    Minivan Mom nice 1

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    Donna says:

    I was once also a woman who refused to drive a Minvan…however. That quickly changed when the dog arrived, the family arrived and we all had a passion for weekend roadtrips. The Minivan was the answer to all my prayers. I brought mine from CarFax (http://www.carfax.com/vehicles/Used-Minivan) second hand…great condition and had all the mod cons I wanted. Totally agree that you will be laughing at all of your friends ignorance!

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    akmermaid says:

    LOL! I LOVE my minivan!! If any new moms are reading this, here’s what I say… make it hot!! Seriously, if you drive around and you feel frumpy, you’ll look frumpy, sound frumpy, and you’ll act frumpy. If you let the wind mess your hair up just a bit as you toss the bag of organic apple chips to the very back so kidcommanders can chomp it, you’ll rock it. I love my mini. I called it the swaggerwagon when we first got it and then I coincidentally saw Toyota’s advertisement of the swaggerwagon.. that’s my van! It also gets named dragonwagon or the bullet. That little beast has some getupandgo. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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    akmermaid says:

    And to be honest, everyone that steps inside (STEPS inside) notes how nice it is. It’s fantastic! Yoga pants of the highway, I tell you.

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