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Road trips are more than an economical way to travel. Road trip adventures have been around, making family memories, for just about as long as there have been automobiles and highways. They’re practically an American institution. So many of us have memories of being stuck in the back of the family car during interminably long car rides to the beach, grandma’s house, and amusement parks; heck, National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series immortalized the family road trip, for better or for worse.

1932 Packard 903 Roadster Road Trip Adventures

How we romanticize our childhood road trip adventures

I’ll be talking about road trip adventures with Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel and Mara Gorman of Mother of All Trips this Thursday (August 22), on Twitter, hosted by OnStar. Like me, you’ve probably heard of OnStar already. But it’s not just a turn-by-turn navigational tool and in-vehicle security system. Get this: the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app allows users to check fuel economy and oil life, check tire pressure, unlock your doors remotely, and more.

Road Trip Adventures Off Roading ATV

How our kids would like to have road trip adventures

But anyway, road trip adventures! My brother and I remember getting into huge arguments in our family car’s backseat: “She touched me!” “He’s on MY side!”  To his credit, my father never once said “I’ll turn this car around right now,” but I can still hear him grinding his teeth.…Looking back, it’s a wonder my parents repeatedly ventured out with the two of us. THere was one family road trip adventure in which my brother and I got along so poorly, I’m surprised my parents didn’t toss us right into the Grand Canyon. They’d have been justified, if memory serves.

Buick Roadmaster (Bull-Doser via wikicommons)

How most of our childhood road trip adventures actually looked

Don’t get me wrong. Road trip adventures can be great, too. Now that I’m the parent in the front seat, I’m grateful that my own kids get along much better than did my brother and I when we were their ages. Do you have memories of family road trips? Have you taken any road trip adventures this past year? I have, and so have Carol and Mara. The three of us, and OnStar, look forward to chatting with you about road trip adventures, car ride tips, and more this Thursday.  And yes, you don’t have to ask — there will be prizes.

road trip adventures onstarRoad Trip Adventures Twitter Chat Details

Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time: 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST

Prizes: Four $50 Visa Gift Cards, two American Red Cross Deluxe Family First Aid Kit, one Marriott Gift Card, value $225.00

To join us on Twitter, follow the #OnStarRdTrip hashtag. Don’t be shy, we love to chat about road trip adventures and look forward to hearing about yours!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for co-hosting this Twitter chat.

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