Space Shuttle Endeavour in Los Angeles Video

Space Shuttle in Los Angeles

Take a few moments to watch the Space Shuttle in Los Angeles video below. I think it’ll be worth your thirty or so seconds.  It seems like half the country watched as the Space Shuttle Endeavour was slowly, slowly, slowly driven through Los Angeles to its permanent new home at the California Science Center. There’s certainly something poignant about the space shuttle being grounded, now and forever, after having been in outer space. I like to think that its retirement doesn’t mean the end of North American space travel or NASA, but the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s retirement certainly does mark the end of an era.

What an event, though! When the Space Shuttle Endeavour was flown to Los Angeles in September, practically everyone came outside to look. People crowded the sidewalks and hurried up hills for vantage points, children scrambled up on roofs, and cars stopped driving (which is quite a shocker considering Los Angeles traffic, by the way) so commuters could take a minute to stare at the sky with the rest of the city. The Space Shuttle Endeavour’s approach brought Los Angeles together, even for a few hours, in a way very few things can and have. It’s a remarkable testament to the human desire to travel and explore.

This space shuttle in Los Angeles video captures the pure, unbridled joy and excitement many of us in Los Angeles felt when the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew overhead. A friend of one of my daughters’ favorite teachers — another teacher at a different school — took this video of the space shuttle in Los Angeles right as it flew right over her school’s play yard. Those children running and screaming and jumping? That’s how many of us felt out here (it also allows me to vicariously enjoy the view, since I was in Girona, Spain, at the time).

The Space Shuttle Endeavour in Los Angeles video was taken by Clarissa Quintero, a teacher at Felton Elementary in Lennox, California. This school is near the Los Angeles Airport, so these children probably see plenty of airplanes fly overhead almost every day. But suffice it to say, those kids have never seen anything as cool as the space shuttle fly overhead before! It puts the everyday 747s to shame. This half-minute video of the Space Shuttle Endeavour packs a lot into its handful of seconds; that loudest scream you hear, by the way, is the teacher’s. After all, it’s not only children who get excited about space travel. It’s easy to see that some of space travel’s most excitable fans are adults. Oh, okay, let’s be honest: Present company included.

Los Angeles is already one of the top 5 travel destinations in the United States. Now that the Space Shuttle Endeavour will be on view at the California Science Center, there’s yet another reason to visit this entertainment capital of the world. Hopefully the space shuttle in Los Angeles will continue to inspire people both young and old (well, older) to explore their both curiosity about outer space, and travel on this world and beyond.

Thank you to Clarissa Quintero for allowing The Vacation Gals to show off your video of the space shuttle in Los Angeles. Thank you, too, to her friend Lane Royall for showing the video to her students at St. Matthew’s Parish School.

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    Catalina says:

    I drove in to dtla just to witness it for my self. 😀 The grownups were just as thrilled as those kids on the video. Love the photo too! Great capture!

  2. 2
    Micki says:

    Love this video! It’s so great to see that kind of enthusiasm for space travel and the shuttle.

  3. 3

    Great stuff…as a native Floridian it was sad seeing the shuttle fly overhead on the jet for the last time. Tons of memories of launches…hopefully they’ll be back one day…

  4. 4

    I never thought seeing space shuttle flying over is so amazing! Somehow it remind my childhood when fighting jets flown over the crowd.

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