Stitch Fix Personal Styling for Travel Clothing

Have you heard about Stitch Fix? It’s the online, personal styling service that is sweeping the Internet. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate. But when a Facebook Friend (thank you, Jody!) posted that she’d bought her first personal-styling session through Stitch Fix, I clicked to learn more. Sure enough, within just a few minutes of reading of this neat shopping concept, I signed up, too.

Here’s how it works:

1) I tell Stitch Fix all about my clothing preferences, my size and budget preferences.

2) I pay them $20 to “style my Fix,” which means for $20 a personal stylist will pull together 5 items of clothing (and/or accessories) based on my requests. For example, I asked for summery items in anticipation of going to Mexico this spring and then Europe this summer. Here’s what I sent Stitch Fix, specifically:

 I live in the Colorado mountains, where the overall style here is decidedly casual and laid back. However, I am a travel writer by profession, and I feel like I need some more current looks (edgy may be pushing it, but I’d like to try). I am also spending the summer in Europe, so I definitely need some more fashion-forward pieces for that trip. 

3) I schedule the delivery and try on my items. If I buy any, the $20 styling fee will be applied to my purchase. If I buy all 5 items, I get a 25% discount. I have three days to decide, and I send whatever I don’t want back to Stitch Fix in a pre-paid envelope.

4) When I “check out” — either buying some, all or no items — I can leave comments to my stylist, letting her know what worked and what didn’t, how things fit, what I loved…. That way, for my next Fix, my stylist will be better informed on my likes and dislikes.

I was delighted to come home from a trip to Alberta, Canada, to find my Stitch Fix waiting for me. Today, I opened up the box to find a personal note from my stylist, as well as cards detailing suggestions for how I might wear my items.


Immediately upon looking at the photos of my items (not sure why one item didn’t have a photo), I formed some opinions. I’m not typically a big pattern person, but one of the reasons why I wanted to try Stitch Fix was to get out of my comfort zone.


Of course I couldn’t wait to try them on. My stylist — whose name is Kara (!) — did a really good job with the sizing, overall.

sf-tank-pantsLe Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank ($48)
Kut From The Kloth, Nannina Capri Jean ($78)

Here’s the racerback tank from the back:


I’m on the fence with this tank top. It’s definitely unusual, and I really like the fit and the pretty embroidery around the neckline. But does it look like a maternity top? And how about the capri jeans. They are absolutely comfy; they fit well. But they remind me of pedal pushers I wore in 8th grade. Do you like the length of the pants? I am pretty sure I’d get some wear out of both of these items, but $78 is a lot for me to spend on jeans.

UPDATE Verdict: I kept the tank top but sent back the capris. The tank fits too well and is just too “different” for me not to keep it. I signed on with Stitch Fix so I’d learn about some different styles and colors and looks for me. I love that they sent this item that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself. It’s fun and flirty and I’m happy to have it in my closet! However, I think–as someone noted in the comments below–that I could do better with capri jeans. I think I’d like a pair that is a bit longer, and not cutting across a wide part of my calf (thanks to the other commenter who pointed that out – really). For my next Fix, arriving April 8ish, I asked for a couple pairs of jeans — either blue or white — that I might wear with this top.

rory-tankCollective Concepts, Rory Geo Printed Knit-Back Tank ($58)

Here’s the Rory Geo Printed tank from the back:

rory-backMy thoughts on the coral tank? Does nothing for me. Just sort of hangs there. I like the blue pattern (you can see it better in the stacked clothing above), but the white back is see-through. UPDATE Verdict: Sent this coral tank top back.

On to the dress that I didn’t think would work for me once I saw it out of the box:

sf-dressAngie, Mathilde Cap Sleeve Abstract Print Dress ($58)

Yeah, this dress didn’t work for me at all. The skirt was too short. The top part is too short (I think the waist is hitting me too high). It’s blousy where it shouldn’t be. Verdict: Definitely returning.

Finally, here’s a maxi skirt that I was so delighted to pair with a few new items from Aventura Clothing, where I just signed on to be an ambassador. I’ll be blogging about my spring clothing items from Aventura, many of which are fabulous for travel, but here’s a preview:

sf-skirtPapermoon, Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Maxi Skirt ($58)
with Aventura Kyle Wrap in Mineral Red ($49)
Aventura Presley Scarf in Sea Blue ($29)

Here’s another Aventura item that happens to work with this multi-color skirt — these coral/turquoise/seafoam/brown colors must be hot this season!

stitch fix skirt2Papermoon, Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Maxi Skirt ($58)
with Aventura Mayfield Solid Top in Spiced Coral ($49)

I love the Papermoon maxi skirt. I think I must keep it, since I have some great tops to go with it, right? The jersey material is flattering and comfy. I can absolutely see myself wearing this skirt out to dinner in Mexico. Verdict: Definitely keeping.

I do have a $50 credit with Stitch Fix, since two friends signed up for the service via my referral link. (Thanks, whoever that was!) So, in the end, for the two items I kept — the racerback tank and the maxi skirt — I only spent $56.

For my next Stitch Fix, I am going to ask for all of my items to be “the cheaper the better” (for this Stitch Fix I said I’d pay $50 to $100 for bottoms or dresses, but really, I’d like to pay under $60 for each future item, if possible).

And I will sign up for the service again. I’d love at least two or three more boxes before I head to Europe this summer!

Disclosure: I don’t work for or with Stitch Fix, but if you sign up for the service with my referral link, I’ll get $25 off my next order. I do work with Aventura to promote its clothing through its new Ambassador Program.

28 Responses to “Stitch Fix Personal Styling for Travel Clothing”

  1. 1
    Donna Hull says:

    I like the crop pants, which will come in handy on your European cruise. The skirt is fab. Ditch the tops and the dress. Love the concept of Stitch Fix. There you go, my 2 cents.

    • 1.1
      Kara Williams says:

      Love your 2 cents, Donna! Thanks for chiming in.

  2. 2
    Katie says:

    Hi Kara,
    thanks for posting this as I’ve also been curious about the service.

    I agree with your assessments (maxi skirt is great, the dress and second tank top not so much). I also like the first tank a lot. I’d have to see how it looks from the side, but from the front I don’t think it look maternity, it just looks nice and roomy and comfortable and it makes your arms look really toned.

    I’d be on the fence about the jeans too. Despite how often I wear jeans (almost daily) I tend to be a cheapo about them. I think you could find a decent pair of capri jeans at old navy or the gap for less, though they probably won’t be quite as comfortable or well-made. If you think these would last a few years, it’s not a bad investment.

    • 2.1
      Kara Williams says:

      Great insight. Part of what I like about Stitch Fix is that I don’t HAVE to go try on clothes at Gap or Old Navy! That is, it’s so nice to just have these items come to my house. Part of my keeping the jeans would be out of convenience, you know? I’m wearing them around the house – will try on with some other tops before I decide.

      Agree, I do like the style of the stripy tank. I feel good in it. Comfy.

      We’ll see what the husband thinks! 😉

  3. 3
    Elizabeth says:

    I love the first tank/shirt and the chevron skirt!

  4. 4
    Elizabeth says:

    Oh, and I like the crop pants, too!

  5. 5
    SG says:

    Love the maxi skirt and the striped top! I like the concept of the cropped pants but I think you can do better on the execution. I would go an inch longer and skinny at the bottom. The dumpster dress can go back to where it came from, which one can only assume to be Goodwill. :)

    • 5.1
      Kara Williams says:

      Ha! Those were my thoughts on the jeans. When I hear “capri” I think longer…. these are more like the clamdiggers I wore as a kid…. Oh, on the fence! Maybe I can ask for a couple of longer jeans – similar to these – in my next box…. thinking…..

  6. 6
    Jody says:

    You’re welcome! I like the striped top and the maxi skirt, and agree with your decision on the dress. I’m not a fan of how those pants fit… I think they are a bit too short as they stop at the widest part of your calf. And I wish the coral top was as interesting in the front as it is in the back.

    I’m anxiously awaiting my next ‘fix’….

    • 6.1
      Kara Williams says:

      Maybe that’s it – they end at the wide part of the calf…. Can’t wait to hear about your next Fix!

  7. 7
    SG says:

    OMG, well that’s horrifying! Sorry! I have some just like it but lately I’ve been wearing the ones that are more like capris. I am nervous about fat calves though which isn’t a problem from which you suffer, so you have much less reason to worry!

  8. 8
    Debi Lander says:


    You are right about the maxi skirt- works well for travel and in restaurants that blast the air conditioning. The jeans are a no in my opinion. Too short for capris and don’t really flatter you. Dress is a no! Orange top is okay but I found some great tops at Marshall’s (Lucky Brand) for cheaper prices. And today in Target, cami tops to wear underneath a few sheer tunics were only $5. Call me a bargain shopper.

    Love the idea of Stitch Fix, though. Might want to try it myself.

    • 8.1
      Kara Williams says:

      I totally hear you on the bargain shopper! Normally I am, for SURE – though I do like going out of my comfort zone and the convenience of Stitch Fix. For that, it’s worth paying a little more….

  9. 9
    Emily Mc. says:

    Hi, Kara! I couldn’t resist checking out your Stitch Fix shipment and love that you modeled everything. This is a really cool concept. I agree with most of the people who have responded…LOVE the maxi skirt (and you will wear it all the time – I have two and adore them). The concept of the jeans is great but the execution is off and they look dated. You’d do better to ask about a wide leg capri (that hits mid calf – closer to the top of the ankle). Anything tapered should hit lower on the leg or it will make your calves look wider than they are (the ankle is generally more flattering). Oh and check on a lower rise (not so low your undies will show, but a little lower will look more hip). No on the tanks – the stripe is cute but the embroidery will make it harder to wear more than once. And, I don’t think it’s worth the cost. The red is meh. And the dress is a ‘no.’ Not sure what body type that would flatter, honestly. Maybe a very skinny teen. Love your Aventura stuff! Happy shopping.

    • 9.1
      Kara Williams says:

      Here’s a funny – my skinny teen tried on the dress and it looked great on her! That is, the dress was a little big, but in a size small (mine is a medium), she’d look so cute in it. Alas, the material isn’t great – sort of an itchy gauzy.

      All good points on the jeans! I think I am going to ask for a couple of pants options in my next “Fix” with these points – casual wide-leg capri, or skinny down to just above the ankle.

      I love my fashion-forward friends… :-)

  10. 10
    Jen says:

    I love the first tank and the skirt. The jeans aren’t bad but I think you can do better for the price. Definitely get a pair that is a little longer. You will probably wear them often on your trip! And LOVE the Adventura stuff…heading over to the website now!

    • 10.1
      Kara Williams says:

      Pssst. I will have *deep* discount codes to Aventura soon, so wait to purchase, if anything strikes your fancy!!

  11. 11
    Abbie says:

    I love them all except the dress. I agree with you on that one. I like the first tank/crops the best :)

  12. 12
    Jennifer says:

    What a GREAT asset for women who want to change their wardrobe but are sort of clueless about the how-to. Aw, you don’t like the orange tank! I really like that one – more than the striped one above it. My favorite is that maxi dress, paired with Aventura things. …I bet I would break someone’s brain if I did Stitch Fix, by the way. “I only wear jeans and tee-shirts, except for the occasional designer gown.” Yeah, I’d be a problem. 😀

  13. 13
    Lyla G says:

    Oh I’m so thrilled to see your post because I have been debating this Stitch Fix idea for weeks now. I’m picky and don’t have too much time to browse in store so it sounds great but then I’ll get all let down if I don’t like their picks. Sigh. Maybe I will just try it out and see what happens! Use my $25 credit for the skirt! It looks great. I’m not thrilled with the other things but the first tank top is cute but the capris are a little too short. And that dress! What were they thinking…

  14. 14
    Nicole says:

    What a cool concept! Totally agree on the skirt. So practical and stylish. I think you’d love the striped tank in Europe this summer. It would look great with a black cardigan and black bottom (skirt, shorts, pants…) It gets cool in the evenings here, and the detailing around the neck gives it a dressy vibe that is popular here.

  15. 15

    What fun! My favorite is the maxi skirt, scarf and coral shirt! I am not a big fan of the cropped jeans. The first embroidered tank is pretty cute, though.

  16. 16
    Kyle says:

    Gee, tough choices, love the idea of Stitch Fix though. The B&W top is cute, is it hand washable? Or will it hang out like a rag when you’re traveling? The capris in denim take forever to dry — I think you can do a pretty pattern in silk — or stick with black — with your great figure and wear them day or night. Bottom peach top & skirt are great… do they do slacks in that knit? Very boho chic, will be great in Europe too.

  17. 17
    Marie Zalbe says:

    You look very awesome! My favorite is the racerback top and the Capri jeans, I think it’s very comfortable to wear. I’m a big fan of wearing jeans or shorts and T-shirt, for me, I can easily move with that outfit.

  18. 18
    Hilarye says:

    First off let’s talk about how adorable you are and second off I need this. I am so not good about being stylish as my head is with three small kids. Loved the first outfit by far my favorite and the maxi skirt, shirt and scarf- I want those.

  19. 19
    Veronica says:

    Love the concept of Stitch Fix Travel. I am in total agreement with your selections. I did like the first top and think it would be cuter with white pants. Don’t like capri jeans ever, unless you are super tall and leggy. They make most women look shorter and chopped up. And agree with a previous comment that they looked dated. Love the maxi skirt, although I am not a big fan of traveling in them (on airplanes and airports)…okay for dinner and sightseeing. Thanks for showing each piece separately.

  20. 20

    Thanks Kara, this seems like a really great service, and I didn’t know about it at all before! And it definitely would help while traveling, as I love blending into each place as much as I can when I visit, and the style I have at home is not for everywhere (to say the least – I would walk around in shorts and a tank top all year if I could).

  21. 21

    OK, reading these out of order. I never actually knew how the program worked–I love that you can designate a pricepoint–so this is all handy info to have!

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