Support Passports with Purpose and Help Us Build a School in Cambodia

The Vacation Gals are so pleased this year participate in an amazing project called Passports with Purpose. The brainchild of four hard-working, generous Seattle-area bloggers — Michelle Duffy, Debbie Dubrow, Pam Mandel and Beth Whitman — PWP brings together bloggers from all over the globe to raise money for a worthy charity. This year it’s the American Assistance for Cambodia, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor in Cambodia. All funds — 100% — go to this 501(c)3 charity.

If we collectively raise $13,000, we’ll be able to build a school in Cambodia — from scratch! We have no doubt that figure will be met — last year Passports with Purpose raised more than $7,000 in less time and with less promotion. This year we’re all gathering together to go all out! Plus, top-tier sponsor travel-agent network Virtuoso has already donated $5,000 to the cause. Phenomenal! (Check out the other generous sponsors here.)

Here’s how it works: We’ve procured two awesome prizes donated by our friends in the travel industry. These prizes are listed on the main Passports with Purpose raffle site. Donate $10 and you’re given a raffle ticket (of sorts) to apply to any prize listed — it certainly doesn’t have to be ours! There are some amazing items that you might win.

synapseplum1Our generous prize sponsors are Tom Bihn and Briggs & Riley — two quality luggage companies, whose support we very much appreciate!

Tom Bihn is providing one of its new products: the super-cool Synapse backpack. This pack is designed for hiking, commuting or traveling and is sleek and functional. I’m partial to the awesome splash-proof zippers that seal the bag up tight; these are found on most Tom Bihn products, all of which are built to last for the active traveler. It comes in seven different colors, but I like the backpack in bright plum (pictured at right); I’ve got Tom Bihn’s plum Medium Cafe Bag that I adore for everyday use. The Synapse backpack retails for $120.

briggsrileytoteFrom Briggs & Riley comes the Large Shopping Tote, an incredibly cool carry-on. I reviewed the bag in full at PracticalTravelGear.com, but I’ll tell you here that it holds a surprising amount of stuff, and it has some nice features like the “slip through back pocket,” which allows you to slide the bag over the handles of a rollerboard, and the SpeedThru exterior pocket, whose handy location is perfect storing a passport and boarding pass. Like all Briggs & Riley products, the tote has a lifetime guarantee. The Large Shopping Tote from the Baseline collection retails for $139. Love Briggs & Riley? Check out the prize that Nancy D. Brown procured from the company — a Baseline 20-inch carry-on expandable wide-body upright. Buy enough raffle tickets, and maybe you’ll win them both!

We thank you in advance for your support of Passports with Purpose. Now head on over to the site and buy your raffle tickets via PayPal! Good luck!

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