Travel Wish Map from Starwood Hotels and Resorts

 Travel Wish Map Starwood Hotels Resorts MauiHave you seen the Travel Wish Map online application on Starwood’s website? Starwood Hotels and Resorts is in the business of helping travel wishes come true. Travel wishes and bucket list dreams are part of many people’s lives: anyone who enjoys seeing the world has fantasy destinations, after all. While thinking about my travel wishes for the next year, I was pleased to see Starwood properties in all of them. Well, ALMOST all of them; as far as I know, there isn’t a Sheraton on the moon or the International Space Station yet.

While space tourism for the masses is a long ways off, there are simply so many wonderful places to travel to on our “home planet” today that even a space nerd should be happy. From Sheraton Four Points hotels to 5-star St. Regis resorts, Starwood has got a lot of ’em covered. Starwood Hotels and Resorts created an online application, the Travel Wish Map, that allows users to let their imaginations run wild. Through a few targeted questions, the Travel Wish Map helps users determine which Starwood hotel or resort, at which destination, would best match their travel wishes and desires. This is pretty fun and diverting. Also, anyone who actually books their travels through the online application will get 40% off every second night they stay at the Starwood property of their dreams. See what I mean about Starwood helping travel wishes come true?

Golf Course at St Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California (Jennifer Miner)

I played with the Travel Wish Map several times, happily receiving recommendations for hotels in far-flung destinations like Australia and Hawaii. When I last looked, there were over 17,000 wishes, the city making the most travel wishes was New York City, and the top vacation style was “Sun n’ Surf.” Visions of freezing Upper East Siders warming their bones in the Caribbean comes to mind! The hottest property at the time was actually in  a place not as quick a flight from New York as is the Caribbean, though — it was the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, in French Polynesia. Why not dream big? After all, St. Regis resorts are Starwood’s top of the line properties, and, Bora Bora…well, Bora Bora must make up a large percentage of people’s travel bucket lists.

 My Travel Wishes

I live in Los Angeles, so warming my bones (as per those New Yorkers, and my cowriter’s, wishes) is less of a priority than is simply getting out of town. My first travel wish is go finally make it to Australia — but on my terms. I’ve been lucky enough to have had opportunities to go to Australia before (for work), but each time, it was a solo trip and for too short a visit. Australia as per my travel bucket list would entail being able to take my family, and spend at least a week there. My first Travel Wish takes me to the Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Travel Wish List Starwood Hotels Resorts

My second travel wish would be to go to Catalonia with my family. I was able to spend some time in Girona, Spain recently as part of speaking at the TBEX Europe conference, but that was a solo trip. For me, sharing travel with my kids and spouse makes the experience more complete. Barcelona, in Catalonia, is by all accounts an amazing city — but I wouldn’t know, I only saw the airport. My travel wish (well, vis a vis the online application) takes me to Le Meridien Barcelona.

Travel Wish List Starwood Hotels Resorts

My third travel wish would be to San Francisco again. Every time I’ve been to San Francisco the past few years – minus when the International Pow Wow was hosted there — it was merely a drive-through situation, en route to Napa Valley, California. San Fran itself is so fun, with such a wide array of cultural travel experiences, and I’d love to be able to find the time to have a mellow getaway there. On Starwood’s online application, my travel wish takes me to the W San Francisco.

Travel Wish Map Starwood Hotels Resorts

Frequent readers of The Vacation Gals may have deduced that Hawaii is one of my favorite travel destinations in the world. This would be a correct deduction, my friends! From hiking in Kauai to snorkeling off the coast of Hawaii Island, the soft outdoor adventure opportunities available in Hawaii fit my travel style to a tee. And Maui, again and again named the best vacation island in the world, is my family’s favorite as well. My fourth travel wish on Starwood’s My Travel Wish application takes me to the Westin Ka’anapail.

Travel Wish List Starwood Westin KaanapaliMaui

Those are four of my travel wishes — thanks for the Travel Wish Map online application, Starwood Hotels and Resorts — that was fun. This holiday season, why not take a few minutes to see where your travel wishes take you? May your vacation dreams come true.

Photos: Courtesy Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

Disclosure: I am being compensated for writing this blog post and participating in a 12/10/12 #TravelWish Twitter chat.

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    There are plenty of Starwood properties that make their way onto this hotel junkie’s wish list. Of course, I used to work for one of their properties so I’ve been fortunate to see plenty of good ones:)

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    The Travel Wish Map app sounds like a really fun toy — and a very smart marketing tool on the part of Starwood!

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    I have always wanted to go to Australia too! Spain and Hawaii wouldn’t be too bad either I guess! 😛

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