Travelpro Platinum 7 is a Best Rollerboard Suitcase

Travelpro is a highly respected high end brand of luggage. The new Platinum 7 Collection marks the continuing evolution of one of its most popular product lines. The Travelpro Platinum 7 rollerboard suitcases come in three sizes:  the 22″ in particular is so versatile that it’s great for any sort of vacation, from a weekend getaway to international travel.

Travelpro Platinum 7 Best Luggage for TravelWe’ve had an older model Travelpro (a Platinum 3 model?) for years, at least a decade, and it’s getting a little beat-up looking. This is fair, considering that it’s such a well-traveled suitcase. It’s been used as a chair and table by my kids through the years; those stains are understandable! Durability is a hallmark of all good luggage, and here Travelpro absolutely delivers.

I was even more impressed with the new Travelpro Rollaboard Platinum 7 suitcase. This is truly one superior piece of luggage. Don’t take this as mere hyperbole: I received the 22″ Expandable Rollaboard Suiter in May and have since tested it out thoroughly. It’s been across the country several times as my husband’s go-to rollerboard suitcase, as well as to Vancouver, England and Italy. My husband’s business travel necessitates packing sports jackets and/or suits: the detachable suit sleeve has padded foam bars, which helps prevent wrinkles and that mashed look that suits can get in transit.

Travelpro Platinum 7 22″ Rollaboard Suiter highlights:

  • Weighs 8.5 pounds — polypropylene framing keeps it lightweight but sturdy
  • 22″ x 9″ (expands two and a half additional inches)
  • Nylon coil zipper system is “self repairing,” that is, re-zip to fix
  • Rubber skid guards and molded wheel housing protect the bottom of the suitcase while traveling
  • Telescoping handle with two levels (38″ and 43″) for shorter and taller travelers
  • Removable Add-a-Bag strap.
  • Main compartment expands 2.5″ if overstuffed
  • Removable suit sleeve with padded foam bars

Travelpro Platinum Luggage in Florence, ItalyIn addition, this is a really good-looking piece of luggage. Each Travelpro Platinum 7 suitcase comes with DuraGuard coating to resist stains and abrasions. The black nickel accents are easily buffed to a shine, the herringbone trim is classy, and there’s a leather patch for monogramming, if desired.

My family travels a lot, for business and leisure. As a result, we have an abundance of luggage in our closets. The Platinum 7 22″ Rollaboard suitcase is only the second piece of luggage my husband has co-opted for himself in the time that we’ve traveled together — this really says something about this Travelpro. He considers it the best rollerboard suitcase we have for his business travel needs. He appreciates its flexibility, and that it reliably fits in the overhead bin on large planes.

The Platinum 7 Collection as a whole is high-end and, while pricy, certainly on par with other high quality brands of luggage. Travelpros have a well-deserved great reputation with frequent travelers. Sure, the design is sleek and handsome, but it’s the superior functionality that really won me over. The lifetime guarantee is a positive sign that Travelpro deserves its place among the best, most trusted luggage brands. The Travelpro Platinum 7 luggage I tested is one of the best new carry-on suitcases of the year.

Travelpro gave me a new Platinum 22″ Rollaboard Suitcase. The months of testing are testament to this review’s validity and reliability.

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  1. 1
    Nonoy says:

    Wow looks so durable and very useful. I have to check out this Travelpro bag here in my country’s department stores. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    cheryl d says:

    Good looking piece of luggage. A nice piece makes all the difference when your traveling anywhere!

  3. 3
    TwinCitiesGal says:

    Nice review! Travelpro was my first professional luggage 15 years ago. It’s durable and user-friendly. I highly recommend the brand, too.

  4. 4

    travelpro is AWESOME. what a fun photo, in the airport!

  5. 5
    Lenore Greiner says:

    The only bad part about this excellent suitcase is that it’s black. And as God is my witness, and every baggage claim from here to Timbuktu, I swear I will never buy a black bag again. My worst experience was trying to locate my bag in a sea of bags dumped in the Arrivals Hall in the Mumbai airport. I think International Orange should be the color of my next bag!

  6. 6
    Carry on luggage says:

    The Sassy Traveler are dedicated to giving you the very best customer service and, at the same time, the best prices too!

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