Wisconsin: Jelly Belly Tour

If there is one thing my kids love it’s candy. During our recent trip to Milwaukee when people inquired about our plans and we mentioned we were headed to Kenosha (a short 30-minute jaunt south) the response was always, “You have to go to Jelly Belly!” Luckily, we already had it on our radar. The interestingly flavored candies fascinated me as a kid and they still do. I knew the children and my husband would enjoy it since we love tours – and I was right. The Jelly Belly Visitor Center is actually located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and very easy to find – it’s located at 10100 Jelly Belly Lane.

Walk inside and be surrounded by everything Jelly Belly – even the ceiling.

Admission and the tour on the Jelly Belly Express Train Tour is free. Everyone is issued a must-wear hat which also makes for a fun souvenir. Photos weren’t allowed during the tour but the half-hour ride around the decorated warehouse in a little train was fun and interesting. The train make stops at large screen video monitors which explains the history of the company and how Jelly Belly candies are made. At the end of the tour everyone receives a complimentary bag of Jelly Belly candies.

Look for Mr. Jelly Belly flying overhead in the warehouse along with non-character beans.

Or stop for a photo op at the end of the tour…

We learned that the not-so-perfect beans get packaged as Belly Flops.

Jelly Belly artwork is something everyone should see in person. There are several pieces on display during the tour including the artwork below: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Next, it’s time for shopping and tasting. The sample bar is a brilliant idea. Because Jelly Belly candies are so uniquely flavored it only makes sense to allow the customers to taste-test before they purchase – expect one Jelly Belly at a time. Every flavor is available to try!

And of course you can sample the wild – or disgusting – BeanBoozled flavors, also known as the Harry Potter-inspired beans. There are trash cans nearby and I understand they’re used frequently.

In the middle of the store is a Jelly Belly-themed Pressed Penny machine – one of my family’s favorite bargain souvenirs.

There are so many choices….

The kids didn’t want to say good-bye, but at least they had some treats to bring home.

We really enjoyed the family-friendly tour of the Jelly Belly Visitor Center – the kids have already asked when we’re going back. That’s when you know they loved it!


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  1. 1

    First of all, my husband has to go to Pleasant Prairie fairly often for work – small world!

    But what I *really* wanted to say is that we used to live near Fairfield, CA, home to another Jelly Belly factory. It looks just the same as this one – the art, the hats, and OF COURSE the Belly Flops! (which you could buy in bulk, not just in bags). We went there as often as we could – we LOVED it! :)

  2. 2
    Linda says:

    The Belly Flops are my favorite part of the tour. :-)

  3. 3
    Dominique says:

    The Belly Flops look like fun…the canned food flavored jelly beans, not so much so 😆

  4. 4

    What the heck does centipede taste like?!? Other than that, this looks like a lot of fun! When we were at the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando we got some of the every-flavored beans, but they were pretty tame. A few dirt flavored ones and a couple spicy jalapeno, but no snot or rotten eggs or anything of the like. 😛

  5. 5
    Rita Pilger says:

    It sounds wonderful! I want to go!!

  6. 6
    darcie says:

    I never knew there was one ‘so close’ – My Dad LOVED Jelly Bellys…I think of him whenever I see them! I’m for sure putting this on my radar for the next time we are out that way! Awesome!

  7. 7

    I went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. Mind you, I did the university tour, which is a little more involved, but nonetheless, I was like a kid in a candy shop (pun intended).

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