2016 Holiday Gift Ideas

Have you bought your holiday cards yet? If not, check out Minted.com. Next, it’s time to start buying gifts for your friends and loved ones. Some years seem harder than others to find that ideal gift but we have some thoughtful ideas for you. Let me introduce some fun and whimsical 2016 holiday gift ideas for the ladies in your life. Maybe these suggestions will help you cross some things off your lists.

Personalized Travel Map

Personalized Travel Map

76th & Newbury is my new favorite online shop. Their elegant offerings are endless and make for really fun Christmas gifts. When you’re shopping for someone who seems to have everything I suggest you start here and consider their line of personalized travel maps. What makes 76th & Newbury special is that each order is paired with a Professional Graphic Designer. And it’s done online! That means your order will be checked, rechecked and confirmed with you that the personalization is exactly right. Can you imagine ordering something and having it arrived with a typo of the incorrect color and the worst part being that you ordered it that way? Well, that won’t happen with 76th & Newbury. Upon ordering I was impressed with the professionalism and attentiveness of my Design Guru. The blue Traditional USA Travel Map (there are 48 color choices) on the top is the one my family has but as you can see by this selection there are plenty of other choices.

City Backpack

My daughter and I battle over bags. She always wants to keep (not borrow, mind you) my purses, totes, and The City Backpackbackpacks. I fought her off my BUILT New York City Carryall ($49) but what she doesn’t know if she’s going to be receiving the cutest backpack called This City Backpack ($40) by BUILT (it’s a good thing she doesn’t have time to read the blog). It’s cute and stylish and perfect for her days out with friends to the mall or other outings. The backpack has a zippered exterior pocket, interior pocket and padded adjustable shoulder straps and the material is oh-so soft. Like my NYC Carryall, it’s neoprene (the wetsuit material) and is machine washable. The Plum Dot colors are gorgeous, too. The various shades of blue, violet and yellow are feminine but not too girly. Also accompanying this cute backpack is the adorable City Clutch ($10). Note how affordable these bags are. I’m linking to the entire line since there are various designs to choose from. Have fun shopping/making a decision.

Undercover Waterwear


Do you have a trendsetting fashionista in your life? She will love Undercover Waterwear’s Vintage Geo Print Swimdress ($120.00). As you can tell by the photo on the left, it’s modest, colorful and trendy. This brilliant waterproof dress repels water and can be worn between pool swims (running to get a drink at the pool bar?), on the boat, waterparks or an easy throw-on for lunch at the resort restaurant. For moms, this dress is gorgeous for chasing little ones around the toddler pool or sitting poolside during swim lessons. Personally, I will be wearing mine on our next cruise. It’s perfect for sea days and port days depending upon our excursions. It’s comfortable and casual for browsing shops or relaxing but best of all these dresses prevent sunburn as it has UPF 50+ protection. The fabric is 80% Lycra and 20% Spandex while other perks include being non-clingy in the water and drying quickly and it’s made in the USA (bonus!). Note: Undercover Waterwear also has swim tops and swim leggings worth checking out. This dress gets an A+ as a gorgeous and ingenious idea.


Travel Coloring Book

Packing coloring books for the flight to grandma’s house has been an ongoing tradition for families but today this creative sensation has progressed to include adult coloring books. The success has been widespread. Our friend Donna Hull of My Itchy Travel Feet site has her own coloring book line inspired by her travels. Her latests offering is The Coloring Glacier National Park, A Grayscale Coloring Book for Travelers. It is filled with 34 pages of wildlife, landscapes and nature closeups. See the picture above? Isn’t it fun? Color while you travel or while dreaming of travel. In addition, Donna sells downloadable coloring pages on her site so her readers can experiment with coloring. Montana Coloring Pages is the first collection. When you gift this beautiful book, don’t forget the colored pencils to accompany the coloring book.



Thea Shimmer Bracele
Stocking stuffer or stunning present, the Thea Shimmer Bracelet ($62) by Isabelle Grace Jewelry is a beautiful choice for any type of gift for the lady in your life.  Think delight and surprise. Named after the Greek goddess of light, the Thea will thrill any lady of any age. There are three rows of sparkling crystal roundels over an inch wide in your choice of Black, Crystal Aurora Borealis, and Peacock Blue (the color I have). This is one of those pieces that starts conversations because anyone who sees it will want to inquire. It’s that pretty! You might even want to buy one for yourself.
Disclaimer: I received some of the above products for review purposes and there are affiliate links in this post which may result in small commission fees. 

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