31 Days of Wellness – Week 3: Snow, Sweaty Cycle, Sunny Stroll

Slammed by a head cold! I’ve felt like crap the past few days, and it’s admittedly been hard to rally to do something “good for me” each day this week. (A lot harder than Week 1 and Week 2.) Still, I’ve got 7 days of wellness to report — again, some “wellness activities” are relative.

Day 15: Bleak Walk in the Wet Snow

My family and I woke up Sunday morning in Castle Rock, Colorado, to cheer on my daughter at a volleyball tournament. I’d walked on the hotel’s treadmill the night prior, but took a walk with my husband on a recreation path outside the tournament venue during a break in the action. It was cold, with a bit of wet snow falling, and the scenery wasn’t great (right next to the highway) but we made the best of it, getting the ol’ blood pumping.

Day 16: Wine = Wellness

In my book, anyway, red wine is good for the heart… and soul. I decided to treat myself to a three-month subscription to VINEBOX. I am getting three glasses of wine, each in its own glass vial, delivered to my home monthly, for the next three months. That’s nine 4-oz glasses of wine with tasting notes for $81 (or $9/glass), which includes shipping. Worth it? Not really. The first box of wine I received had one meh glass (I drank it anyway) and two so-so ones. I love the quality box, and the skinny twist-top vials, but I’m equally entertained going to the liquor store and picking out a case of random red wines every once in a while. I’m up for trying wines — and paying for good ones — but the operative word is “good.” Not cancelling my membership based on my only sort-of liking the flavors in the first box. I like mail. And I like wine by mail.


I missed the worldwide launch of the 100th BODYPUMP release; the prior weekend, fitness studios around the world all did the same workout, to the same track of music, simultaneously. But I got to enjoy the tough workout a few days later. As always, a high-energy fitness class at Burn.

Day 18: 10,000 FitBit Steps

Wednesday = workday. And this is when I started feeling lousy. I finished the day walking circles around the island in my kitchen at 9pm just to get those %#$& 10,000 steps.


Day 19: MOI Cycle

Fun interval spin class: super speedy spinning followed by a minute of rest and recovery, followed by more super speedy spinning (or tough “climb” up a “hill”). Sweaty as always. I was hoping to sweat out my cold.

Day 20: Snow Shoveling

The snow fell hard on Friday, and it came down most of the day. When I went to shovel my our driveway, after my husband had used the snowblower on it that morning, I couldn’t keep on top of it! I’m pretty sure I actually shoveled the entire space twice in an effort to have the least amount of snow possible on it when my husband rolled home from work. I am beginning to understand the concept of snowbirding.

Day 21: Sunny Walk on Fresh Snow

No marching for me on the Saturday after the inauguration of our 45th president (imagine the FitBit steps those millions of participants around the world logged), though I was certainly with my sisters in solidarity. Instead, my husband and I took a walk down our rural road amid snow-covered trees and under bright blue skies. Again, good for the soul.

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