31 Days of Wellness – Week Four + 3 Days

You thought I forgot about reporting on my last days of January wellness? Nope! Just super delayed. I don’t know what the heck happened in February — time is flying, I’m juggling, who knows…. but I did document (in my head anyway) a “wellness activity” for the last 10 days of January. Here goes:

Day 22: Yoga Video

My horrible head cold lingered, so I could muster today was a lot of blowing of my nose and a 30-minute yoga/stretch video in my basement (aka fitness corner). When I’m in the mood to do a quick fitness video, I’ll just search on YouTube for “20-minute arm workout” or “30 minute stretch.” YouTube is a fitness video gold mine! They’re not all great, but it’s fun to switch it up with different online instructors.

Day 23: Booty Barre

Thank goodness for Monday Booty Barre. I love this Monday morning class to jumpstart my week. Proud of myself for getting up and motivating for an 8:30am class even while feeling under the weather.

Day 24: Morning of rest, buying stuff online

So, I decided to blow off fitness class today in an effort to finally kick this cold to the road. Instead, I sat in my jammies and surfed the Internet, and came across this awesome temporary-tattoo company, Conscious Ink. These “manifestation” temporary tattoos use positive words, inspiring quotes, and healing affirmations to help you be more “mindful” throughout the day. Love! I ordered a ton; here’s a free one that came with my (big) purchase. Wellness for the brain!

Day 25: 10,000 steps.

Another work day (at a library) meant that I notched about 7,000 steps during the day, but had to hop on the treadmill before bed just to eek out my 10,000 to feel accomplished. I love, love my treadmill desk:

Day 26: Snowy hike

Yay! I felt better today, so I was definitely game for a 3-mile backyard hike with a friend. A couple of friends, actually — this is Max, who joined my girlfriend Gina and me:

Day 27: Avalanche Ranch

I surprised my husband with an overnight getaway to Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs, about 45 minutes from our house. Soaking in these natural mineral springs does wonders for body and soul!

Day 28: Hiking at home

Our plan was to hike somewhere in the Redstone area — near Avalanche Ranch — on Saturday morning. Alas, it was a frigid 5 degrees at about 9am! So we ditched our hiking plans, soaked in the springs again, and decided to hike at home where it was sunnier and warmer!

Day 29: Yet another hike at home

When the weather is good, and trails beckon outside your door, it’s not hard to motivate to do some cardio in the snow, under blue skies.

Day 30: Revolution Ride

Opted for something other than my beloved Monday Booty Barre, and instead booked Revolution Ride, a spin class at Burn. It felt a bit like SoulCycle, but the lights were on and the music wasn’t nearly as loud. Good to shake it up, though, with something different.

Day 31: BodyPump

Finished out the month with a strength-training BodyPump class!

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  1. so good experience you shared of your trip. Awesome places and stunning photos you shared of that place.

  2. You had a nice trip, thanks for sharing!

  3. Lol! I think I need that treadmill desk too.

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