5 Reasons to Pack Fiber One on Your Next Trip

Fiber One 2As I write this post, my family is preparing for an almost three-week long trip. I will let you all know about it when I get back but in the meantime, we’re packing like maniacs and making many runs to the store to stock up on drinks and snacks for this long adventure.

I’m doing my best to make sure we have a variety of snack selections and one of the brands we have packed is Fiber One – and for good reason! In fact, I can think of five good reasons Fiber One is making an appearance in our snack bag.

Fiber One

  1. Plenty of Fiber! When traveling, a lot can change in an instant, making it hard to stick to the health routine you have at home. Eating just one Fiber One bar gives you 35% of your daily fiber and can keep you regular, easing an uncomfortable situation that strikes more travelers than you think.

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  1. Tasty. For years, my daughter has always preferred Fiber One bars to other snack bar choices. It started with a sample at a grocery store and every since that day, she has been a dedicated customer! My favorite is the Oats & Chocolate chewy bar, which contains 9 grams of fiber per serving and sends me to sweet tooth heaven. One bar is all I need – perfect for an after-dinner treat or a snack in the hotel room after the kids are asleep. My daughter’s a fan of the new Mint Fudge Brownie. I especially appreciate the fact that she only needs one to feel satisfied.
  1. Easy to pack. Thanks to their individually wrapped packages, Fiber One snacks are easy to throw in a purse or a put a couple of boxes in a suitcase. This upcoming trip includes an eight-day Caribbean Cruise and I have already packed a nice selection for our stateroom snacks. (You’re welcome, family!)
  1. Affordable. Sold for a few bucks a box – the bars are well under a dollar a piece making Fiber One an affordable option and much cheaper than gas station snacks. Why pay extra for a candy bar that won’t do much other than a sugar rush when you can get some useful fiber and nutritional benefits?


  1. Choices. The number of Fiber One choices available is impressive. First, there are the soft bars, so many options! There are Oats & Chocolate, Oats & Peanut Butter, Oats & Caramel, Oats & Strawberry, Protein Coconut Almond and many more. Then come the cookies: Soft Baked Cookies Chocolate Chunk, Soft Baked Cookies Double Chocolate, Soft Baked Cookies Oatmeal Raisin, and the new Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookie. Finally, some delicious 90 calorie options: Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Lemon Bar, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Strawberry Streusel Bar, Blueberry Streusel Bar plus the new Mint Fudge Brownie.

In fact, there are a nice variety of Fiber One products beyond what’s listed here. That means there’s something for everyone in the family. In my opinion, a happy, healthy family on vacation makes for a wonderful experience!

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I think it’s pretty great that snack bars created to help with digestive health can have so much to offer especially for a traveling family. I have a feeling these bars and cookies we have packed aren’t going to last too long!

This post is sponsored by Fiber One but, as always, all thoughts and options are my own.

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  1. What an interesting article. We have started trying Fiber One bars for breakfast and they do have a wide variety of flavors, but I haven’t considered them for a trip. You are so right about trips throwing off the normal food routine! I’m adding them to the snacks I usually have everyone carry on a trip.

    I allow each kiddo to pack their carry on 1/2 full of whatever they want. Sometimes cars and stuffed animals, sometimes Barbies… and the other 1/2 is for me to fill with surprises and snacks. I’m going to toss in some Fiber one bars!

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