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7 Iceland Hot Springs: Where To Find An Authentic Experience

Authentic travel in Iceland is a big deal. People come here for the outdoor adventure opportunities such as challenging hikes, rough campgrounds, riding on galloping Icelandic horses, and feeling as if we are living close to nature as it was and always has been. And because of that, a visit to Iceland isn’t complete without stops at some of its natural hot springs. After all, they play an important part in Iceland’s history.

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Hotel Indigo Santa Barbara

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Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands

Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands are of wildly varying renown, mostly because the Galapagos Giant Tortoise is so famous. Remember all the media chatter when…

Birds of the Galapagos Islands

Finches are the most famous birds of the Galapagos Islands (thanks, Charles Darwin) but there are many other bird species that are in turn beautiful,…