Back-to-School Lunchbox and Water Bottle Ideas

It’s that time of year (back-to-school!) when kids are trotting off to school with lunchboxes in hand. What’s funny is I’ve been doing the same thing as a working mom all summer long. Every day I pack my water bottle and lunchbox with a protein packed salad, veggies and fruit and fill my water bottle with a splash of organic lemon juice. However, I also pack my preschooler’s lunch (think sunbutter and jelly, carrots and grapes) and sometimes I help gather my sixth-grader’s camp lunch. Summer flew by fast, but what better time than back-to-school season to explore new ideas for lunch (and hydration) packing for the school year. And do I have some fun ideas for you. The challenge I have faced for all three of us is keeping our lunches chilled. Sure, there are lunchboxes with stay-cold options but some aren’t nearly as resilient as what I’ve been introduced to lately… 

With Icetec Freezable Bags you and your kids can bring lunches to school and work with zero worry about leaking ice packs or dripping ice bags (been there!). This spacious bag measures 13.6-inch wide x 9.4-inch high x 6.7-inch deep and if you have ever avoided packing mayo layered sandwiches or find chicken meals too risky due to fear of the food going bad, worry not… the Icetec Collection Freezable Collection keeps food and drinks chilled all day long by surrounding them with a patent pending freezable ice gel.The bag features a secure zip closure and an easy-to-clean interior. I especially appreciate it folds flat for the freezer – and it freezes overnight! Amazing! I never have to worry about a warm meal regardless of how hot and humid my office space gets and I know the girls’ meals are kept fresh, too.

Build NY Stainless Steele Water Bottle. If your kids’ schools are anything like my kids’, water bottles are recommended for the kids to sip on the throughout the day. But I’m also always looking for myself, too. I finally discovered an ideal bottle.

Here’s a fun story. A coupe of weeks ago I left my 18oz Build NY Stainless Steele Water Bottle in my car during a workday (8am-5pm). I completely forgot it and being that it’s a long walk to the parking lot I never made it out to get it. The day was super hot. When I got to the car after 5pm the car interior was steaming but the water in the bottle was still cold! I was stunned. I didn’t even fill it with ice in the morning. That’s when I knew this was the perfect water bottle. I checked out the description and found out it keeps drinks cool up to 24 hours. This winter I will pack my coffee in it in the mornings – it keeps things hot for six hours. Not too bad. Plus I love the flip-top Tritan lid that stays in place when I drink. Try it…you’ll like it. 

I’m not sure why it took me so long to join the Bento Box club, but wow! This BUILT NY Gourmet Bento Deluxe 10-Piece Lunch Container Set is the perfect set for back-to-school, especially for your picky eaters. 

This set features “real” silverware (well not silver) but a stainless steel utensil set (knife, fork and spoon), (1) 1-ounce (30 ml) dressing container, fillable ice pack, removable food dividers, secure-lock utensil holder, and microwaving valve. And it is sturdy! What is really nice are the removable dividers that allow me to lay out my food (example: chicken, veggies, cottage cheese) and keep dishes separated. The ice pack is helpful because you can fill it with tap water and freeze it overnight. We love chilled food! Keep in mind that everything is dishwasher safe except the ice pack. 

Happy Back-to-School! And don’t forget to pick up something for yourself. Parents need good, cold lunches and beverages, too.

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