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My family has become quite the road-tripping clan, even with a toddler. This month we returned from an 18-day trip that added 3,800 miles to our minivan. Road trips are one of my favorite topics to cover because there’s so much involved from planning routes to unexpected stops to eating right and getting enough exercise. That last one, exercise, is where this post comes in. AT&T has started a road-trip conversation on various topics. After all, what better way to stay in touch on the road than with a company, like AT&T, that is trying to make traveling customers’ lives  more enjoyable. AT&T offers a selection of accessories that make road tripping more pleasant — think hotspots, selfie sticks, fitness trackers (keep reading for more on those), headphones, and, the most important, phones. If photos on your travels are important to you, say you’re looking to produce gorgeous Instagram photos, the camera on Samsung Galaxy S6 active is top notch.

Back to the exercise topic, I’m excited to have partnered with AT&T to share my favorite fitness and health device to use while on the road. You can join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #RoadTripATT.

Staying active while traveling is nothing new to me. When I was a flight attendant I often bid on the overnights with the hotels with the best gyms and in 2013 it was my “job” to write about fitness and health when I was writing a weight loss column and blogging for a national magazine. It was that year that I encountered what I consider the best health device for fitness on the road: Fitbit. Admittedly, I lost my last Fitbit Flex during our house move earlier this year and I have missed it like crazy. I’m sure it’s somewhere in a box in the basement. Did you notice how I said “last” Fitbit? Yes, I’m quite experienced in the world of Fitbit. My first model was the Fitbit One. I love that model. It clips on your shorts or bra strap and stays with you the entire day. You can watch your step numbers and flights of stairs increase with every movement. I used the Fitbit One during several road trips. I hiked hotel stairs, walked laps in malls, and even ran the “Rocky steps” in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In other words, my Fitbit challenged me to be active even while traveling by car.

It was during my pregnancy that I transitioned to Fitbit Flex. It’s the model that you can wear on your arm. Instead of seeing step numbers on the gadget, activity progress is revealed via lights – more lights equals more activity you’ve done. I really liked wearing the Fitbit on my arm but missed the stair tracker. Both the One and Flex connect to the Fitbit app on your phone and computer and allows you to monitor your progress, track your weight (there’s also the Fitbit Aria Wifi Smart Scale – I have it and love it as it updates your weight on your Fitbit account), and keep track or compete with friends. When I first started with Fitbit it was rather lonely because I was the only one of my friends with one. Now it seems like everyone is on there, and it’s fun to watch the banter on social media.

This last road trip I was telling my husband that I wish I had my Fitbit so I could track my activity. Seeing my low numbers on “road days” would have motivated me during stops to do something and it would have been fun to see the crazy high number I accumulated at Universal Orlando and Dollywood.

Now that we’re back home and starting to plan our next trip (we’re eyeing you, Hershey, Pennsylvania) it’s time to get back into step counting. But there’s on thing, I’ve started running again. Wearing a heart rate monitor and a Fitbit seems like overload and that’s where Fitbit Surge enters.

Fitbit SurgeFitbit Surge is worn on the arm and has a wrist-based heart rate monitor. This model also has GPS Tracking which reveals distance, pace and elevation climbed and you can review routes and split times. I’m hoping to travel for some road races next summer again, so these features are great. Plus, my favorite Fitbit One features come into play. I get to monitor steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes! The Surge also syncs stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and smartphone. What I wasn’t expecting, the Surge can sync with your phone for call and text notifications on the touchscreen display.

I’ll keep you posted on this latest Fitbit version when I get it but in the meantime any Fitbit will help challenge you to stay active on your next road trip and AT&T will be there, too.

Do you have a favorite fitness gadget for road trips? Please share in the comments below or engage on social media using #RoadTripATT

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8 Comments on "Best Health Device for Fitness on the Road"

  1. I’m considering a FitBit for my birthday so I appreciate the insight. I’m curious to know if the FitBit One is waterproof. Wish I’d had a fitness tracker last weekend while spending two days conquering a water park.

    • Kara Williams | August 27, 2015 at 8:55 am |

      Hi Karon! I have the One, and I wouldn’t call it waterproof — even though I have sent it through the washing machine twice, and it still works…. I wouldn’t wear it swimming or anyplace I thought I’d be underwater. (The occasional splash maybe.)

    • Hi Karon,

      I agree with Kara. My One went through the wash and still worked but it’s certainly not “waterproof”. There is the Waterfi Waterproofed Fitbit Flex: I haven’t tried it but I suggest reading the reviews to see if it has what you want.

  2. I do love my Fitbit (although I like this newer version). We love walking when we travel and using it to count our steps. We’ll often try to “beat” the previous day”s steps by using the Fitbit. Definitely want to try this new one out!

  3. I have been considering a Fitbit for a while now, so it was great to read your review. My only hesitation is that I think I could get quite obsessed with counting my daily steps?!

  4. Oh, how I love my Fitbit! It truly does make me walk, run and use the elliptical machine more. I find weekly challenges with fellow travel blogging friends to be the most motivational. Let me know if you’d like to join in!

  5. I love my fitbit! This newer one in orange looks really cool. I’ve got the standard black version but it really helps me focus on staying active.

  6. I want a Fitbit!!! it seems like a great thig to buy when you are going to travel

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