Canada’s New Duty Free Allowances

I’ve always been a fan of shopping Duty Free. In fact, when I was in my twenties working for an international charter airline I stocked my bar that way. Besides saving on tax on alcohol you can also buy Duty Free fragrances, cosmetics and health and beauty products. Since I live in the border state of Minnesota my ears perked up when I heard that Canada has new higher Duty Free allowances in Canada at the land border duty free stores for travelers entering and leaving Canada and the United States.

The Scoop

This means you can shop Duty Free before crossing the border, saving up to 40% on your travel needs. Duty Free customs allowances have increased to $200 for trips over 24 hours (this means you need to be traveling for over 24 hours, no day trips) and increased to $800 for trips over 48 hours. Duty Free retail stores are sanctioned by the government to promote tourism and the Canadian economy while land border duty free stores are owned and operated by independent business people which is really cool. Operating costs are lower, so lower prices can be offered. That means win-win for all. In addition (this was new information for me), land border Duty Free stores are a separate business from airport Duty Free.

Travel tip: If there’s a long line at the border stop run into Duty Free store to take advantage of tax savings grab a cold or hot snacks, coffee and other refreshments. You will also have access to currency exchange, travel information, restrooms, tour group parking and services, border crossing information, photocopy and fax service if you’re on a work trip and, best of all, you can skip the long border line. Check out the location nearest you to find out more. Learn more at Duty Free Canada’s Facebook Page.

The Vacation Gals were compensated for helping to spread the news about this promotion.

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