Celebrity Sightings in Aspen

With Christmas days away, the big private jets are starting to land at the Aspen airport. Yep, it’s that time of year when Aspen’s downtown core is filled with fur-coat-wearing tourists, as well as Hollywood types who have second homes here or who vacation in Aspen for the holidays.

My husband is immune to the celebrity sightings in Aspen. “They’re just people!” says hubby, who grew up here, and, as a teenager, delivered hay to Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s place in Old Snowmass. Me? I’m stupidly star struck. Since I’ve lived in the area, I’ve gotten such a kick out of spotting Kevin Costner walking down the street (he owns a home here); serving iced tea to Kate Hudson when I was a twenty-something waiting tables (this was well before she graced the cover of People), and bumping into William H. Macy at a bar (his wife Felicity Huffman grew up in Aspen).

But my favorite celebrity sighting took place last year over the Christmas holidays. We were skiing at Buttermilk Mountain, and while eating lunch in the lodge, my mom pokes me, points to a table, and says, “Is that who I think it is?”

Of course it was who she thought it was, and so we, like ding-a-lings, tried to surreptitiously take pictures of the famous actor on a Sunday-night TV show and the raspy-voiced singer married to the hottie-mom slash Victoria’s Secret model.

Check out the heads behind my daughter in this photo? Who do you see?