Diono’s Radian rXT: All-in-One Steel Car Seat from Birth to Booster

“I ride in
Daddy’s car in purple car seat.” That’s the phrase I’ve been hearing every day since my husband Jeff installed our new Black Plum Diono Radian rXT in the back of his BMW. I tease him that installing a car seat in the back of his slick ride might cramp his style but he just laughs. Quite frankly, if he’s going to have a car seat in his cool car this is the one. This Diono car seat is slick.

The need never arose to purchase a second car seat until now but since that I’m back at work full-time as a flight attendant instructor there’s no way around it. When I was offered a Diono Radian rXT for review purposes, how could I resist? And now that we have this all-in-one car seat I’m kicking myself for not getting one sooner.

Why would I recommend the Radian rXT car seat over others?

Safety. Most importantly from a safety standpoint it has a steel alloy frame (that’s right – a steel car seat!), aluminum reinforced side walls, energy absorbing EPS foam. My husband raves about this car seat. He says its the sturdiest, most resilient car seat he has ever had the pleasure of installing and using on a daily basis. This is coming from a dad of five kids who researches anything and everything under the sun and delves even deeper  if the item is safety related and for his children.

Support. For the littlest passengers there is reinforced adjustable head support. She comfortably falls asleep in this car seat. A couple of weeks ago she slept for three hours in it and woke refreshed.

Outstanding reviews. Browsing customers reviews is imperative when researching baby products. The overall consensus is outstanding. The biggest complaint that I read was regarding the material and considering that it’s not a safety feature I think such a negative is forgivable. Speaking of safety, check out this five-star review on Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars: Roll over accident and 14 month old didn’t have a scratch on him
By Sassieluvson July 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
“I ordered this car seat for my 14 month old first birthday. I had read up and decided we needed the steel reinforced car seat because we do a lot of off-roading and my biggest fear was a roll over accident. On May 29, 2015, only two month after buying this car seat we did roll over, but not how I expected. We rolled three times across the 15 freeway after we had a tire blow out that caused us to lose control. When we came to rest on the side of the freeway my first thought was to get to my son. I was extremely worried because he was not crying. It took me awhile to get out off the car after I figured out I had to go through the window. When I got to the car seat my baby wasn’t there! I screamed and a good Samaritan handed me my baby. My husband and the good Samaritan had already gotten him out and he was smiling abd (sic) laughing they said. There was not a scratch on my baby! I’m so grateful I bought this car seat because my baby’s life is priceless and this car seat paid off!”
As you can see, this steel car seat is really worth checking out. We love it and apparently so do other parents.
Thank you Diono for the car seat for review purposes. 

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  1. Hey, does this one fold up like some of the other Diono car seats do? We have been thinking of getting one of the folding Dionos for a while for travel…I have seen people traveling with them in the airport and it looks like two of them would fold up and fit into a largish suitcase for checking.

  2. Very useful! Thank for sharing

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