Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Is Coming To Tucson!

Last week I received word that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is on the road again, this time it’s stopping in the desert, my town specifically Tucson, Arizona! If you don’t know about this ABC show here is a little background: Every episode a deserving family, usually very much in need and is or has been facing a hardship, is chosen to have their house completely renovated. Often the house is in such bad shape it is knocked down and swept away.

Host of the show is the fun and energetic Ty Pennington. Ty, the Extreme Makeover team, and volunteers renovate or rebuild a new home where the old house stood. The home is then beautifully furnished and the yard landscaped before welcoming the family to their “new” home.

Week after week, the EHM team and volunteers do an outstanding job. It’s a “feel good show” that inspires people to help others less fortunate and it also inspires homemakers to re-do their home – at least I get the urge.

The show always manages to make me a little weepy. When I was pregnant I had to have a box of Kleenex nearby because I would sob and sob and sob – a little dramatic I know, but Extreme Makeover: Home Edition sure knows how to produce a a tearjerker.

When I heard Extreme Makeover was coming to town the first thing to come to mind was – how can I help?

Today is the “move-out” date so if you’re in town and have time to volunteer tonight from 5 pm to 1:30 am sign up now! The remaining days open to volunteers are the building days and they run Thursday, January 29th to Tuesday, February 3rd.

Since I have the “kid-thing” going on I had to choose a weekend time slot, so I’ll be there Sunday February 1st from 10am to 2pm. If you’re going to be there keep an eye out for me.

The Tucson builder is the generous John Wesley Miller Companies and EHM is still looking for volunteers and donations especially the list below:

  • WOODWORKERS! Skilled cabinetmakers, furniture makers – woodworkers!
  • Generous Tucson restaurants to donate meals!
  • Native American Artists (pottery, weaving, etc)
  • Lumber and building materials! Cash donations can help as well.
  • Home Decor
  • Services

See you there – I can’t wait to shout Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s catch phrase: “Move That Bus!”


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