Kamik Rain Boots for Wet-Weather Adventures

I live in the arid Colorado mountains where rain is rare. And when it does rain, it’s typically in the form of afternoon thunderstorms that pass quickly. Not so much this spring. It’s been one of the chilliest and wettest I can remember, which has been a bummer for planning post-ski-season hikes and otherwise thoroughly enjoying the mountain playground I live in.

Kamik rainboots - OrchidOne upside: I’ve gotten a ton of local use out of my brand new Kamik rain boots. I’ve been sporting the slim-fitting Orchid style as often as I’ve needed to, which has included everything from dodging puddles in the local supermarket parking lot, staying dry through the kids’ all-day track meets, and most recently working a charity golf tournament.

Reasons to love these Kamik rain boots are many. First, they totally keep my feet dry; the synthetic rubber is both 100% recyclable and 100% waterproof. Second, they’re comfy. I’ve indeed worn them for more than six hours straight, and it was only toward the end of that stint, that I felt one of my ankles being rubbed by the side of my boot. Third, I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. Just look at the upbeat, floral design! Super cute. These boots are rugged while also being completely feminine. The decorative side buckle and logo patch add a bit of flair, without adding any bulk.

A couple of things to note: These aren’t winter boots. In other words, if you’re looking for warmth and insulation that would protect feet in freezing temperatures and while walking through snow, I’d peruse the Kamik winter boots collection. Second, this particular style of boots is slim fitting; I don’t think women with thick calves would find them as comfortable as those with thin to average-sized calves. Third, since they are 16 inches tall (vs. 13.5 inches in some other styles), I also think they’re ideal for tall women. I’m 5-8.5 inches tall, and I love the height of the boots.

I think the only gripe I have with these rubber boots is that it’s a little hard to drive in them. While the boots themselves are flexible, it just feels a bit restrictive when I’m pressing my right foot on the gas pedal. I wouldn’t want to drive a long distance in these boots.

The Kamik Orchid rain boots retail for $69.99.

Thanks to Kamik for providing these boots — my first adult-sized rain boots ever — for purposes of review.

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