Pretty Spot Near Poipu Beach, Kauai for Hawaii Vacation Photos

Poipu beach in Kauai is (in my well-traveled estimation) the best, most child-friendly beach on the Hawaiian island. Drive a little bit west-northwest of it, taking Poipu Road to Lawai Road, and you’ll get to a really pretty spot — Spouting Horn Park. This is still in the southern quadrant of Kauai, so the surf is calmer and weather less rainy. You can’t walk on the lava rock here, as it’s protected…and slippery and probably dangerous…but a scenic overlook provides great views for Hawaii vacation photographs.


We visited the Spouting Horn Park area after a few hours of lounging, swimming and snorkeling on Poipu Beach. Try to go during high tide, since the spouting effects will be that much more dramatic!

There’s a sort of permanent open-air bazaar right by the Spouting Horn overlook, which we liked too. There are some interesting crafts made by local artists, and tons of el cheapo, imported souvenirs. If, like us, you’ve promised a lot of people souvenirs from your Hawaii vacation, this is as good as any a place from which to stock up. Now, there are thousands of wild chickens running around Kauai: They are descendants of an original few that escaped their coops during Hurricane Iniki in 1992. The roosters here crow all day long, pick fights with each other, and generally amuse children with their antics. The dramatic Spouting Horn views, cheap gifts for friends, and the ever-present wild chickens make this quaint, little part of Kauai worth a stop.

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  1. I’ve stayed at the Marriott timeshare property at Poipu Beach. You’re right, it’s a great beach. Sure hope you’re planning to take your children tubing on the sugar plantation irrigation canals. It’s so much fun!

  2. My family & I are in Poipu right now, our 3 rd time. We love the area, it has a great vibe compared to the other islands. Never knew about the open air market at Spouting horn though so thanks for the tip!

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