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I’ve got birds chirping, green grass growing, and yellow daffodils sprouting in my front yard, which means spring is here in Colorado, and summer fun is around the corner! This year, my family has local adventures planned — hiking and kayaking in our area mountains and rivers — plus some farther-flung trips to the Canadian Rockies and East Coast. Road trips, theme-park visits, airplane rides, outdoor fun… no matter what’s on your agenda this summer, I’m guessing you’re like me: toting a smartphone everywhere to snap family photos on the go, and perhaps packing the iPad to help keep kids entertained along the way.

I’ve teamed up with Tech21 to share the scoop some of the company’s electronics cases I’ve been testing for a few weeks. Tech21 makes cases for a variety of types of phones; I’ve been using the Evo Aqua and the Evo Go on my iPhone 7 in various scenarios lately, and although my teens are a wee bit old to need the super-protective Evo Play, designed for preschoolers’ and young school-age kids’ use of the iPad, I couldn’t help but want to check out the colorful case — and give one away to a lucky reader! Here’s the skinny:

Evo Aqua from Tech 21

The Evo Aqua is Tech 21’s ultra-waterproof case. It’s designed to protect when submerged underwater up to nearly 10 feet; Tech21 says each phone case has been water tested before it left the factory, and new users are encouraged to give it an at-home submerge test before actually bringing it in the pool or ocean. But I’ll be honest, I have no plans of ever submerging my phone intentionally in water (my iPhone is just too valuable to risk!) and have a GoPro and underwater camera for that type of fun vacation picture taking, so I didn’t give this case the water test. However, I did drop it in the snow in early March, and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring the phone on skiing or sledding adventures in the future… or to the beach, on a hike along the river, or exploring tidepools on future trips and adventures. Snapping pictures near or on water – absolutely! In the water, not so much.

Encased in the Evo Aqua my phone is surely protected from splashes, dirt and sand because the seals are super secure. All phone ports are totally covered, when the case is installed correctly. And it is important to install the case correctly! Instructions are incredibly detailed, and it’s easy to tell when the smooth hooks and clips are engaged properly. Indeed, I don’t think this is a bulky waterproof case at all, though its FlexShock™ absorbent material protects the phone when dropped from 6.6 feet. And I appreciate its thin, flexible, clear screen, which allows me to use my phone’s touch screen — scrolling, typing — as if there weren’t even a protective, waterproof cover on it.

One more point to note: I did find that the phone’s sound quality was diminished a bit when it was enclosed in the Evo Aqua case. I have been told the company is aware of this issue, and taking steps to improve it with future editions of the case. But I’ll take the slightly lower sound quality when talking on the phone in exchange for full protection of my iPhone while adventuring outdoors. This is not meant to be an “everyday” case anyway. For that, I’ve turned to the Evo Go!

Evo Go from Tech 21

This is a highly protective case I’ve had on my phone for the past couple weeks. Like the Evo Aqua, the Evo Go has FlexSchock™, providing nearly 10 feet of drop protection. It’s a slim case that allows for easy access to the mute ringer button, as well as volume levels and the power switch. But my favorite feature is the magnetic flap on the back of the case designed to house a couple of credit cards — or your ID and hotel key card, or a folded $20 bill. You wouldn’t know this concealed storage was there without looking for it! It’s a very sleek and sophisticated design, overall. I’d say it blends seamlessly from urban sightseeing to dinners on the town to easy hikes outdoors.

Evo Play from Tech 21

In addition to smartphone cases, Tech 21 offers laptop and tablet protection, too. And if you have preschoolers who love to play games or watch movies on your iPad during your family travels, I’ve got a case for you: the Evo Play. This is one sturdy iPad case that securely envelopes your iPad or iPad mini in thick FlexSchock™ Foam. Your tablet is protected even if your child drops the tablet from 6.6 feet; the foam is flexible, but dense, and I was actually surprised at its weight — this is no flimsy case (though not so heavy a preschooler couldn’t hold it in his or her lap.

When the Evo Play gets dirty, perhaps after it’s been used with grimy or sticky hands, you can pop the case off your iPad and stick it in the dishwasher! The bright colors – pink with lavender accent and blue with green – are appealing to kids, and the circle stand in the back, that is inset into the case, can be opened and used as a carrying handle, or as a prop to set the iPad on a table or airplane tray for movie viewing. Truly, this is one handy, kid-friendly, protective tablet case.

And you can win one! Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Must be 18+ and have a U.S. mailing address. The Evo Play case (MRSP $69.95) that is up for grabs is pink, as shown above. Giveaway ends at midnight April 10, 2017. Good luck!

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    Interesting post, looking in the image of post we can keep safe many things during the summer traveling. The case is looking beautiful and more attractive.

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  5. Great tips, we can save our electronics devices with these during summer adventure.

  6. Interesting post, looking in the image of post we can keep safe many things during the summer traveling. The case is looking beautiful and more attractive.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  7. I used to use a Tech 21 and it wasn’t that great 🙁 Then again, maybe the Evo collection is better…

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