Road-Trip Gear: EarthSwag Eco-Friendly Reusable Snack Bags and Sandwich Wraps

How many plastic baggies do you use when packing a cooler or carry-on bag? Admittedly, I reach for the Ziplocs far too often. When my family is road tripping, and bringing along picnic lunches and snacks, I use reusable plastic containers (i.e. Tupperware) as often as possible — but, still, I add to the country’s landfills far too regularly. (Clearly, it must be Confession Wednesday.) However, my friend Sara and her new EarthSwag eco-friendly reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps are helping me become a bit more of a green convert.

These colorful products with the most darling prints are made with 100% bacteria-inhibiting cotton. The canvas-like fabric is created with patented silver technology that is safe for your food. EarthSwag products are lead, phthalate, BPA and polyurethane free, and they’re machine washable and stain resistant, so you can use the bags and wraps over and over again.

The snack bags with Velcro closure are ideally sized for holding at least a cup of animal crackers, goldfish crackers, baby carrots and the like. The wraps are cool because they fold perfectly around your sandwich, then open flat to serve as a little placement. Brilliant!

My 11-year-old daughter has been using our EarthSwag bags in her lunchbox every day; she feels pretty cool at middle school having this unusual item in the cafeteria. That said, when we got our EarthSwag supply, she said, “Hey! I’ve seen these. They’re so cute.” So they have infiltrated the cafeterias of our local schools. Not surprising, since they’re made by an Aspen-area mom, and our community is forward thinking when it comes to being green.

My 9-year-old son — whose preferences lean toward skateboarding, skiing, video games and The Simpsons — isn’t quite as enamored with the cute nature of the bag patterns. Perhaps there might be a more manly or sporty pattern coming up next, Sara? One idea: maybe superimpose the green-and-blue earth into the wheels of a mountain bike.

In the meantime, for family trips, I’ll absolutely start packing these EarthSwag bags and wraps — and I hope you’ll consider doing so, too! You can purchase the bug or flower reusable snack bags online for $15.99 for a set of two; the sandwich wrap/placement are $11.99 each.

EarthSwag’s clever tagline isĀ  “think outside the baggy.” If we each do our part in a small way, we just might leave our Earth in better condition for our children and grandchildren. I’ll certainly try.

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  1. I have a bicycle print ready to go as well as some cool graphic prints for a more adult audience. None of these prints are being made yet, but they are in the pipeline. So, stay tuned! -Sara

  2. Those are so cute! I love the sandwich wrap!

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