Rocksbox Designer Jewelry Review

I’m a simple-jewelry type of girl. Though I’ve got a jewelry box full of different options, I tend to reach for the same, classic hoop earrings, silver bracelets, and silver/gold necklace, whether I’m doing errands around town, packing for a trip, or enjoying date night out with my husband.

So, when I was given the opportunity to sample Rocksbox, a service that gives you access to unlimited designer jewelry for a $19 monthly fee, I figured I’d shake up my style a bit and give it a try.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up to take a style survey and add specific jewelry items (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets) to your wish list.
  • Receive three pieces in the mail on loan.
  • Wear the pieces as often as you like and return them when you like with a pre-paid envelope.
  • If you fall in love with any of the pieces, simply purchase them (with a $10 credit toward the retail price each month).

I filled out the style survey and did ask for some more “edgy” pieces, since the jewelry I typically own is classic and simple. Here’s a peek at my first box:

Rocksbox #1

Rocksbox #1

I ended up wearing that blingy necklace out and about in Las Vegas in October, and I loved having such a “statement” piece to wear to a show and to the casinos. I adored the “silver slate” drop earrings, and decided I couldn’t live without them, so I purchased them for $44. I have found myself wearing them often this winter, especially with my multitude of grey sweaters. (Grey seems to be my color this season). I never wore the chain bracelet.

For my second box, I asked for more casual pieces:

Rocksbox #2

Rocksbox #2

I actually never put on the triangle earrings nor the wrap bracelet. I should have asked for the wrap bracelet in a blue, brown or black color (I just never found myself wanting to put the green one on), and the triangle stud earrings just didn’t appeal in person (though I did have them on my wish list, so my stylist was listening to me). I liked the long silver necklace when worn over a solid black top; it made for an interesting, eye-catching contrast.

And here’s my third and final box:

Rocksbox Designer Jewelry Review

Rocksbox #3

This box was a mixed bag: I love the cuff bracelet and almost bought it, but decided against it since I just bought two bracelets in Florence, Italy, a couple weeks ago! (And even if I end my Rockbox membership, I can always log back on and purchase that cuff bracelet down the line if I change my mind.) The delicate necklace with white pearl pendant is very pretty, and the chain is a good, short-ish length for many of the V-neck shirts I like to wear in the winter. I really don’t like the pointy “hoop huggies” earrings; they feel a little punk-rocker to me — definitely not my style.

In all, I had fun trying some new jewelry from Rocksbox. I can certainly recommend the ease of the service; it’s hassle free to receive boxes in the mail, and then package them up to return with a prepaid shipping label. I like that you can make requests via a wish list, and give detailed feedback on boxes to get just the type of pieces you want to receive. I think if I’d been more explicit, I wouldn’t have ended up with pieces that I never wore (i.e. the silver chain bracelet and punk-rocker-like hoop earrings).

I was provided with three months of free Rocksbox membership in exchange for covering the service on the blog and in social media.

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