The Mason Jar: An Easy Travel Memory Keeper

Years ago, when I was first married, I loved scrapbooking. For one thing, I had time. I Travel Memory Jaralso found it really fun. I love to save precious memories no matter how trivial or silly. But then I had kids and life changed. I still saved little things, but scrapbooking was put on the backburner as I filled out baby books and calendars filled with baby and toddler “firsts.” I never scrapbooked again. However, I did turn to Shutterfly to create family memory books. Our vacation-themed books are easy to create and the quality is really nice. But here was my dilemma, what about the “things” like matchbooks and ticket stubs that I formerly embedded in my thick scrapbooks? I had shoeboxes and manila envelopes stuffed with things that I thought would surely one day be added to a scrapbook (yeah, right). I wondered should I keep these things or toss them?

The question has lingered for years. That is until I started getting creative with mason jars after moving into the new house (that’s another blog post). When we returned from our 18-day trip this summer all of our leftover souvenirs, and sand from the bottom of our cruise suitcase, were put into one wide-mouth mason jar. My family stuffed ticket stubs, beads from when my daughter had her braids done in St. Martin, our cruise cards, Express Passes from Universal Orlando, drink umbrellas, Dollywood souvenir coins, photo booth pictures, hotel room keys, kid menus, resort/cruise bracelets, receipts, and many other trinkets. On the top I used a chalkboard sticker and wrote the year. I then scoured the internet for cruise, road trip and vacation themed stickers to adorn the outside of jar. I know Michael’s has a nice selection of stickers; my local shop has two aisles full, but shopping with an active toddler isn’t that much fun these days. I could also price compare online. My kids had so much fun helping to fill and decorate the jar. Now it’s a household treasure sitting on our fireplace mantel.

Vacation Keepsake JarI took these pictures of the jar before it was complete. In fact, I’m waiting for my cruise ship sticker to arrive as I write this but couldn’t wait to share this easy, breezy travel memory keeper. The best part, it can be displayed rather than stashed on a bookshelf out of sight. The kids asked if we can make this a tradition for our travels and I agreed.

What a cool thing for the kids to have when they grow up! Of course, since we’re only doing one for the family they may fight over them later on. Thus, if your kids collect a lot of souvenirs you may want to consider letting them create their own memory keeper.

There’s more…I shared my project on my personal Facebook page and my friend and local columnist Molly Guthrey pointed me in direction of Social Print Studio – each little book holds 24 pictures! I’m going to order for sure. THEN our jar will be complete.

If you or your kids create one we’d LOVE to see a picture. Visit The Vacation Gals Facebook page to share your vacation memory keepsake.

Happy Travels!

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3 Comments on "The Mason Jar: An Easy Travel Memory Keeper"

  1. What a NEAT idea! I’ve been putting mementos from trips in a manilla folder, but decorated jars, displayed on the shelf is a much more fun way to keep all that stuff! I’ll have to check with my daughter if she’d like to start doing that. She’s very much into stickers and decorating. I bet she’d love it!

  2. I LOVE this idea so much. We have a beaver skeleton in a mason jar, but haven’t done this type of memory keeping before. Still love doing my photo albums of our travels, though I’m years behind! 😉

  3. Even i love this idea very very much!! so it mean i can have many mason jars in my shelf here after. thank you very much for the idea,sure i will share this among my friends.

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