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It’s pretty amazing to think how travel changed the day wheels were installed on luggage. No longer did passengers have to lug heavy bags through every process of flying. Walking swiftly through airports became a breeze and we frequently have the choice of keeping our luggage with us the entire trip.

Do you ever wonder how the whole wheels on luggage came about? It should be no surprise that the idea – and follow through – came from a pilot. The idea launched a popular luggage brand that you’ve likely heard of: Travelpro.

According to the Travelpro website:  “The story behind Travelpro began in 1987, when a Northwest Airline 747 pilot invented The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage, an innovation that dramatically transformed the ease of modern-day travel. From garment bags and suitcases to executive/computer briefs, rolling duffels, totes and backpacks, Travelpro has long been a brand of choice for more than 500,000 flight crews and frequent travelers worldwide.”

Travelpro was the very first piece of luggage I bought when I started my career as a flight attendant. That rollerboard weathered many airport terminals, crew hotel vans, planes and every type of weather imaginable.

You may wonder what makes Travelpro the flight crew choice and there is one reason, it offers solid products.

Travelpro recently sent me a 20-inch Crew 8 to review and it’s been fun reuniting with the brand. I had forgotten just how much I love Travelpro. Here’s what I’m enjoying about the Travelpro Crew 8 20-inch:

1. Ideal for hikes through airports. When I first took my Crew 8 20-inch on a trip, I was delighted to be reminded how easy Travelpros are  to maneuver. Weaving in and out of people and on and off of moving walkways are a breeze due to the removable, sealed, waterproof ball-bearing inline skate wheels. I wish there was a mileage gauge on my luggage to show how many miles I walk during my time in airports.

2. Perfect size. The 20-inch is ideal for short trips such as one overnight. Many of my work trips are three or four days long, so this size isn’t practical for those. However, when I’m called out for a two-day trip, the 20-inch is perfect.

3. Improved handle. I don’t know what the exact change was, but I can tell there’s been an improvement to the handle since my first Travelpro. It seems sturdier. But that’s not all, the telescoping handle has two stops at 38″ and 43″ which is ideal since not everyone is the same height.

4. Tip resident. This is a great feature: there is a 4-Point stability system prevents tipping even when luggage is expanded. This is especially convenient during security screening when you’re trying to gather your belongings and put on your shoes.

5. Pockets, pockets! This is a must-have for my luggage. The zippered large pocket on the front has plenty of room for small accessories such as pens and keys and even my laptop, books or my flight attendant manual. On the inside there are also several pockets including a large mesh side pocket which can hold a variety of items, such as a curling iron or even paperwork.

If you travel frequently and are looking for new luggage, I suggest you checkout the Travelpro section. It’s certainly not the cheapest on the shelf, but when it comes to luggage you get what you pay for and besides, you can’t go wrong with Travelpro.


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  1. There is nothing better then good luggage when you travel, and especially when you travel full time.

    We use Victorinox a Swiss Army luggage line … besides the fact that they are light and so easy to handle, they are one of the few who guarantee to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the bag and also covers repairs caused by common carrier damage too.

    They were pricey, $750 for 2 pieces… but we have bought so many sets over time (because it was crushed from being on a plane) that it gets really expensive having to replace them.

    We love our bags too!

    Nancy & Shawn

  2. How much does the 20″ Travelpro weigh? I need to be able to hoist my suitcase into the overhead on a plane or train.

  3. Nothing beats an easy to move and easy to pack bag. If flight crews are using them, I’m all in.

  4. Despite the name, the Crew 8 series from Travelpro is actually their consumer line. The professional series is the FlightCrew line, with the FlightCrew 4 lineup being the current one.

    If you’re looking for a professional-grade 20″, you can find the TravelPro FlightCrew 4 20″ on some of the websites that sell to pilots and flight attendants. Not only is it less expensive than the Crew 8 20″, it’s much much better built.

  5. This is the ideal crew luggage to buy it’s easy to move and very light to carry. Keep on posting!

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