Valleyfair: Minnesota’s Largest Theme Park

From the moment the outdoor temperatures are warm enough Minnesotans rush outdoors. The parks, streets and bike paths are suddenly filled with walkers and bikers and front yards are filled with neighbors chatting.  But that’s not all. One of the most looked-forward to events, especially for the kids, is the reopening of Valleyfair.

Valleyfair is Minnesota’s largest theme park. And until recently, I had never been to this popular theme park and I’m glad to have had the experience at last. My kids and stepson had a great time as did I. In fact, I wouldn’t mind taking the kids again. Here’s an overview of my favorite things about Valleyfair.

1. Big rollercoasters and other fun rides. The rides really do run the gamut from big, big, big to tiny for the tots. The Monster, an in-between ride, was a blast if you don’t mind spinning.

My kids adore roller coasters and, as I said, Valleyfair has some big ones. In fact, some are so big and so fast that my kids aren’t close to ready for them. We did get in line for the Renegade – we weren’t sure which ride the line was for – and luckily a dad in line made it clear that “this one is very, very fast” while his eyes said your kids are too young.

2. Planet Snoopy. Thus, we spent most of our time in Planet Snoopy and personally I loved it. The rides were just right for my adventurous but young kiddos and the Peanuts decor was really fun.

Plus Peanuts character are wandering around and happy to pose for a photo.

3. Soak City. Within the park and included with admission is the waterpark Soak City which explains why so many park guests are walking around in swimsuits. The waterpark also offers relief from the heat – we went on one of the hottest days and probably should’ve brought our suits. Instead, we sought relief in the…

4. IMAX theater. We watched Born to Be Wild, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman. The movie was spectacular. If you visit, take time to see it. It’s worth it.

5. Cute gift shop. If you love Peanuts characters, you will love the gift shops here. Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy and the rest of the gang are all stars here.

6. Wet Warning. If you decide to opt for The Wave ride, located close to the Valleyfair entrance, expect to get soaked. I don’t mean splashed. I mean soaked to the bone.

Then after the ride stand on the bridge that the ride does under and get soaked again…

Now that’s a good way to cool down on a hot day…even if you don’t have your swimsuit!

Thank you to Valleyfair for the media passes to enjoy this fun, fun theme park! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

4 Comments on "Valleyfair: Minnesota’s Largest Theme Park"

  1. Good rundown, Beth:)
    Season passes to Valleyfair are only about $60. My kids have had them for years. I recommend it. Also, such cute photos, and in the last one, your daughter looks EXACTLY like you!

  2. Valleyfair looks like a very happy place. I loved seeing how “soaked” the kids really get. I smiled the whole time I read this.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Valleyfair looks like a great time for everyone. Children of all ages will enjoy visiting Planet Snoopy.

  4. San Diego RV Camper | July 30, 2012 at 4:30 am | Reply

    Sad to say I haven’t been here. It would really be a good place to go to. I really love the Snoopy touch. How would you assess the rates of the entrance fees and food there? Is there some strictness in their policies, too?

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