Versatile Summer Skirt for Travel by Skhoop

Known primarily for its insulated skirts for cold climates, the Swedish company Skhoop also offers lightweight, sporty skirts for warm-weather months. One example: The Jenny Short Skirt ($59) with paisley design. I packed this skirt for a 17-day trip to New England last month and found many opportunities to wear the comfortable item, including casual days spent sightseeing and evenings out on the town.

Skhoop's Jenny Short Skirt in Black

Skhoop’s Jenny Short Skirt in Black

The material is a sturdy 100 percent cotton; it’s more “hardy” than flimsy, but lightweight. The skirt has an elastic waist back and drawstring front, so you can really cinch it as tight as you’d like. I tended to wear the skirt on my hips, so didn’t tie the string at all; in fact, since I wore the skirt most often with slim-fitting tops, I ended up tucking the drawstrings into the waistband so the strings tied in a bow wouldn’t protrude and look funny under my shirt!

An unusual selling point of this skirt is the full 2-way zipper on its side. This allows you to fully unzip the skirt to wrap it around your waist to get it on (or off). I see using this feature if I’m using the skirt as a swimsuit cover up at the beach, or over a pair of exercise tights when I don’t want to take my sneakers off (fearing the skirt might get dirty if I pull it down over my shoes.

The other side of the skirt has a small slit for extra comfort when seated or moving around (less constriction on the thighs!). The skirt has a length of 18.5 inches, which lands above the knee on my 5-foot-8 frame. Two front pockets are deep enough to hold a phone, car keys, chapstick and a hotel key card.

The Jenny Short Skirt comes in the pattern at right, as well as a bright pink and green. I love, too, the flowery design of the Sandra Short Skirt, as well. Other skirts include tailored designs made in merino wool for year-round wear. I’m eyeing other Skhoop products, such as the merino-wool hoodies and funky patterned leggings!

Skhoop provided me with a skirt for purposes of review.






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