Water Fun in Waikalohe Valley at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa on Oahu

The centerpiece of Aulani, Disney’s newest resort on Oahu, is a  huge water-play area called Waikalohe Valley. Here, guests float along a lazy river, whoop down two waterslides, frolic in a water-spray area and wade into a zero-depth entry pool. Also, Rainbow Reef is a man-made snorkeling lagoon ideal for introducing young children to snorkeling. It’s filled with more than 1,200 fish and its depth ranges from 3 to 9 feet, so timid kids can just stand in the shallow end and dip their face mask into the water to check out the underwater world. Finally, there’s a shallow conservation pool where families can sign up to learn more about the Brown Hawaiian Stingray in a session with a naturalist, which includes feeding, petting and helping to train the stingrays, as well as getting to know starfish, anemones and other marine life.

To say the Waikalohe Valley will entertain kids for hours and hours is an understatement. It’s pretty amazing. Make that really awesome. Here’s a peek at the fun pool area via photos:

That’s the mellow family fun pool on the left, and the equally mellow ocean cove on the right.

Menehune Bridge is a water-play area with sprays and fountains for kids four feet and under in height.

Float on an innertube along a lazy river that curves around rock walls and through lush foliage.

Get up close and personal with stingrays during an interactive experience with a naturalist.

Disney takes care to make snorkeling safe for children at its man-made saltwater snorkeling reef: two lifeguards are stationed in the area at all times.

Get a preview of what you’ll see underwater at Rainbow Reef via a huge glass viewing window. (Great aquarium-like feature for toddlers who aren’t quite old enough to snorkel yet.)

Two water slides wind through that volcanic rock structure; one is a mild innertube ride and the other is a wilder body slide in pitch black!

Finally, here’s a 23-second video of my ride down the innertube water slide. It’s a rider’s eye view (turn off the sound if you don’t want to hear my squeal at the beginning). This is a short slide, and not scary for small children — ride single or double!

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Mahalo to Aulani for hosting my stay this week during the resort’s Grand Opening Celebration!



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  1. A could use a splash like that right about now! This really looks like a fun family resort.

  2. Love the video inside the slide!

  3. The landscape looks amazing, a paradise for water, Hawaii and Mickey lovers!

    What more could you ask for!

    Nancy & Shawn

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