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The Vacation Gals are three professional travel writers — and moms of children ranging in age from 1 to 15 — who are eager to share our favorite destinations for family trips, girlfriend getaways and romantic escapes with our readers. On our award-winning travel blog, we also cover outdoor adventures, wellness vacations, awesome travel gear and helpful travel tips.

Jennifer Miner, Kara Williams and Beth Blair in Toronto. Photo by Dave Cynkin.

Jennifer Miner, Kara Williams and Beth Blair in Toronto. Photo by Dave Cynkin.

If you’re looking for a travel blog about round-the-world journeys, family sabbaticals in France or backpacking with an infant through China, The Vacation Gals isn’t it. We tend to write about our own vacations — the destinations, cities, resorts and hotels that we’ve experienced firsthand. Typically that means we’re covering North America, Western Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. That said, Kara is embarking on some longer-term travel next summer — 66 days to be exact — sailing around Europe with her family. You can count on updates from her ship, the MV Explorer, as she works as the Communications Coordinator for the Semester at Sea Summer 2014 voyage.

The Vacation Gals walk the walk when it comes to travel; annually we take at least 36 trips for business and pleasure. We’re all about traveling with our families — after all, what better way to unplug from computers, carpools and commitments and connect with our kids than on a vacation? Yet as much as we enjoy introducing our children to new places and new experiences, we also appreciate getting away with our spouses sans children, and we think there’s nothing like a girlfriend getaway to return home refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated (and ready to tackle the laundry pile again).

TwinCitiesGal Beth Blair currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and three children after a long stint in Tucson, Arizona. Moving around the country isn’t new to Beth; she has called 12 cities/towns home. Beth started her travel career as a flight attendant in 1998. She recently authored Break into Travel Writing, and was the 2013 Shape Magazine Weight Loss Diarist. Follow Beth on Twitter @BethBlair.

SoCalGal Jennifer Miner is surprised to find herself living in Southern California, after spending most of her years on the East Coast. She’s a true travel lover, who wishes she had more time to see distant parts of the world. At this point, however, SeaWorld and Disneyland seem to make for easier family travel. SoCalGal strives to raise her two daughters in such a way that they appreciate the natural wonders of the world as much as the amenities of a luxury resort. So far, the upscale accommodations are winning… Follow Jen on Twitter @JenniferMiner.

ColoradoGal Kara Williams lives in the Colorado Rockies with her husband and two young children. She and her family regularly travel to either U.S. coast, Mexico or Hawaii for their annual “beach fix.” Her family vacations typically focus on outdoor adventures, national parks, upscale hotels or mountain resorts. (But she counts spa getaways with girlfriends among her all-time favorite weekend escapes — shhhhh!) Follow Kara on Twitter @KaraSW.

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