Fab Food Finds in Phoenix

Thai Cashew Quinoa at Flower Child in Phoenix.

When summer rolls around and temperatures rise, you might find me saying (occasionally), "It's too hot to eat." But thermometers soaring to 110 degrees Fahrenheit during a June trip to Arizona didn't stop me (at all!) from eating my way through some amazing [Read more]

Road Trips with Dad

My husband and son on a road trip to Pittsburgh.

The countdown has begun to our family summer road trip. There is nothing my husband Jeff loves more than a family road trip. Years ago, he was the hurry-up-and-get-there kind of driver but that destination-focused thinking has subsided as our family has begun [Read more]

Tips for Travel Themed Home Decor

CVS Coasters for Travel Decor

While we love to travel, there is something pleasant about sleeping in your own bed. As someone one said, there's no place like home (insert clicking ruby red slippers). What's best though, in my opinion, is bringing our travels home with us. In recent years [Read more]

Paddington is Now on Blu-ray and DVD

luggage tag

I'm not sure what is more exciting, the news that Paddington is now on Blu-ray and DVD or that we have a fun Paddington-themed giveaway. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and I have always loved this friendly bear. Now that I'm back in the "little people" era I have [Read more]

How to Turn Instagram Photos into Home Art

sunset from sunset key

You've likely heard about the stunt that artist and photographer Richard Prince pulled. He printed Instagram photos - belonging to others - and placed a $90,000 price tag on them. We won't get into the ethics of the story here, but what I can tell you is [Read more]

Travel Bags for the Girls in the Family

Tasca Purse by Embrazio

Packing for my family has been rather easy over recent years. Every trip we've packed all of our shoes and clothes in the huge, lightweight Antler Liquis suitcase and it's worked rather well. Naturally the older kids, now tweens, are insisting they have their [Read more]

Spur Alliance: Top 10 Guest Ranches in North America

Spur Alliance

One of the best surprises my family discovered during a summer vacation was how family-friendly a guest ranch experience can be. When we were living in Tucson, Arizona we certainly visited some local ranches for day rides or evening parties but it wasn’t until [Read more]

Ideas for the Active Female Traveler


A go-to travel packing checklist is something every traveling female should have. Of course, this list should have the basics like comfortable shoes, personal water bottle, and reliable backpack. The longer I travel the more I notice what can be improved and [Read more]

Sunoco Gas Gift Card Giveaway

Sunoco Credit Card

Summer months are just around the corner which means it's almost time to fill the gas tank and hit the road. In fact, as I write this my family is on a road trip right now. We couldn't wait for summer. While we love to fly, we have really grown to enjoy road [Read more]

Living Abroad for Less as a Family

daughter-parade-guanajuato-mexico Living abroad for less as a family

Some people dream of living abroad for a year or even permanently. This dream can seem insurmountable to those who haven't dome any research, but expatriates are usually happy to share what they've learned. Living abroad for less as a family, especially, [Read more]