How to Relieve Ear Pressure: Eustachi

Ear pressure. You’ve chewed gum, tried the jaw thrust, and traditional “hold your nose and blow” trick and nothing works. Yes, many of us have had painful ear pressure and it’s horrible.

When I was a flight attendant I had my own miserable moments and watched flight after flight as passengers suffered, cried, and begged for help.

I would do my best to comfort them but in my experience rarely did any of the above work. Of course, it’s not only flying that causes clogged ears.

Driving through the mountains, swimming, and seasonal allergies can cause that desperate “I will try anything” urge for ears to pop. The most surprising time my ears clogged was when I was riding a quick moving elevator in a high rise building in Chicago.

The fast descent put pressure on my ears and I felt like I was in a tunnel for hours. So, what do you do when you get clogged ears from flying, swimming, driving thHow to relieve ear pressure. Eustachi rough various altitudes, or dropping in an elevator?

The answer to how to unclog your ears is simple: Eustachi.

Obviously, Eustachi is short for eustachian and, yes, it’s this little ear tube that can cause pressure problems.

Eustachi, a eustachian tube exerciser, is here to save the day and it’s extremely simple to use.

Simply swallow sip of water while using Eustachi and your ears will clear. For me, it worked the very first time.

And as a mom of three, it’s exciting to say that it’s even safe for kids to use.

I recall the time my step-son was having horrible ear pain after coming down from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway many years ago. There was nothing in the drugstore that would help the poor little guy. Today, it’s a different story.

I met the Eustachi team at the Travel Blog Exchange Conference (TBEX) a few weeks ago but I was already familiar with their product – and it’s a good one!

Here’s a fun fact. One of the bloggers accepted the sample they offered and on the flight her ears got clogged and it was Eustachi to the rescue.

Care to learn more? Here is a video describing Eustachi and how to use it:

While I have my personal success Eustashi stories, I’m not alone. I have another adult family member who has had troubles with clogged ears and for years, especially when flying and changing altitudes when regularly driving between Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

She has tried every product on the market and when Eustachi came into her life – it worked! Her ear pressure was relieved. In fact, it was the first thing to work after years and years of discomfort.

She was stunned and I am so happy for her. Now the dread of travel has disappeared. The best part, this ear clearing device is rather affordable. It’s currently available on Amazon.

The best thing about Eustachi is you can use it over and over. In fact, if I still lived in Colorado I’d keep one in my car and in my carry-on bag because you never know when your ear may get clogged. My tip to you – don’t put it in your checked bag.

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Ear pressure. You've chewed gum, tried the jaw thrust, and traditional "hold your nose and blow" trick and nothing works. Yes, many of us have had painful ear pressure and it's horrible.



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