Crayola Experience at Mall of America

The long awaited Crayola Experience at Minneapolis‘  Mall of America (MOA) is officially open and families are excited.

Meltdown MOA

As an attraction the Crayola Experience is now ranked alongside the mall’s other big players Nickelodeon Universe (theme park) and Sea Life (underground aquarium).

The entry fee cost the money but order online for a discount or opt for the better deal if you plan to frequent the Crayola Experience often: the Annual Pass for a Family of 4 Annual Passes for an amount (this offer may change, so I’d leap on it soon if you are interested).

You can easily spend 3-5 hours at this attraction. My girls and I only had a couple of hours and hardly scratched the surface. They’ve been asking to go back.

Giant Crayons at Crayola Experience

What age group does Crayola Experience appeal to? Well, you know how some attractions or destinations say there’s something for everyone?

But really there’s not. Well, in this case it’s true. The entire family will find things they love. My girls (ages 2 and 10) kept busy running around the Stomp and Play – an interactive floor exhibit as well as making the nearby Cool Moves (digital) Crayons on the wall dance, shimmer and shake.

My youngest drew on chalk walls while my older daughter partook in a digital fashion show displayed on large overhead screens.

There are two play areas (divided by ages big kids/toddlers), tables with coloring pages, mold designs and even an opportunity to wrap your own Crayon.

Here’s the thing: DO NOT try and hand roll (this isn’t college, people). Learn from my mistake. There are rollers along the back wall for a perfectly rolled Crayon.  

Here are some of our favorite attractions…

Rainbow Rain

Stomp and Play

Turn yourself in a coloring page:

Coloring page

I’m not sure if this is an actual Lite-Brite brand, but the oversized version is so fascinating! See how you could spend hours there?

Bright Light

The Toddler Town was a welcome relief for our busy, busy toddler who needs a place to burn off her energy. The larger play area for bigger kids looked like fun, too.

I will post more when we go back. Have you been yet? If so, what did you love?

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The long awaited Crayola Experience at Minneapolis'  Mall of America (MOA) is officially open and families are excited.

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