Philip Stein FRUITZ Watch for Travel Review

Philip Stein Watermelon FRUITZ WatchYou know you aren’t buying a Timex at your local pharmacy when your new watch comes with an online registration form. Philip Stein (“Natural Frequency Inside”) watches denote luxury and classiness, ideal for upscale travel. Some of the watches in this luxury line retail for over two thousand dollars. Now, no travel writer can endorse packing a thousand-dollar plus watch to take on vacation, that’s just asking for trouble. However, the FRUITZ watches line by Philip Stein offers a less expensive watch with the same high tech innovation…just minus the precious metals and gems.

It’s not just the idea of missing one’s plane that makes timepieces important for travelers; a watch that can actually reduce stress, minimize jet lag, and improve sleep becomes more than a fashionable travel accessory. The Natural Frequency Technology integrated into Philip Stein’s watch collection is claimed to actually improve the quality of travel for its wearer. Hmm, a watch, that improves overall well-being for its wearer. Sounds a little suspicious, doesn’t it? I thought so. I received a FRUITZ watch by Philip Stein to review, though, and weirdly, after a couple of days, I did feel relatively refreshed. And no, I did not have a spa day in the interim! However, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a known sucker for the placebo effect.

Philip Stein Date FRUITZ WatchThe FRUITZ watch I received to review is one of two designs created with PeaceLove Studios. This company is actually a community that promotes acceptance and understanding of mental health issues through art programs and events. The technology behind Philip Stein FRUITZ watches helped PeaceLove Studios’ founder, Jeff Sparr, improve his symptoms of OCD and anxiety. He designed the collection of FRUITZ Art Dial watches, one of which I’m wearing now. Each watch purchase provides for five children living with mental illness the opportunity to experience the Paint4Peace Program at PeaceLove Studios in Rhode Island.

As of yet, I haven’t tried using the FRUITZ watch to alleviate jet lag, and it may be the placebo effect that is making me think I have better concentration wearing it. But: there is a scientific study of the Natural Frequency Technology (found in Philip Stein watches) using a double blind experiment in which a substantial number of subjects demonstrated response to the technology, and reported improvements in sleep parameters (Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy, V5 N5, 2010). What about that, pretty cool, huh? The authors of the study add that similar bioelectro-magnetic medicine has reported positive effects of Parkinson’s Disease and bone fractures, of all things.*

Philip Stein Watch via PeaceLove StudiosAccording to the study, 96% of the subjects “responded positively to at least one of the Natural Frequency Technology” variables:

  • 65% reported waking up more refreshed
  • 61% reported having more pleasant dreams
  • 43% reported falling asleep faster
  • 43% reported sleeping longer

The Philip Stein FRUITZ watch I’m wearing is very comfortable and light for its size. The silicon strap has enough “give” that it fits just right. I look forward to seeing if it helps alleviate jet lag, because I really get thrown for a loop when I travel significantly out of my time zone. Melatonin and a Philip Stein watch: Definitely on my list for visiting my grandmother this Thanksgiving holiday!

*Not to say that if you break your wrist, the medical answer is to strap your Philip Stein watch on it!  For crying out loud, see a doctor.

Philip Stein FRUITZ watches retail for $225 and are available online and through Tony Walker & Co. The watches made in conjunction with PeaceLove Studios can be purchased through the Studio’s website. Thanks to the Philip Stein Company for supplying The Vacation Gals with this product for review.


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  1. That watermelon one is so cute!

    • I wear one..the watermelon with the gray strap. It delivers what it says it can do. It only comes off when I take a shower..otherwise i n my wrist24/7..I dont have to take my vitamins..this is my vitamins.

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