The Best Video Baby Monitor for Travel

baby monitorMost moms can recall that moment when they went against their better judgement only to regret their decision. For me, that moment (okay, one of those moments) happened roughly eight years ago.

My family was visiting my in-laws and our room was in a detached guest house only a few yards from the front door.

My toddler son was ready for bed so I put him down on the sleeping bag in the room, originally thinking that I would just watch TV or read near him.

But the family convinced me that he would be fine on his own in the guest house, after all, we had the baby monitor.

So… against my better judgment I went back into the main house, turned on the monitor and watched TV with everyone.

After a little while I crept outside to go and peek on him, only to hear loud crying coming from the guest room. I felt my my heart drop into my stomach.

I walked into the room to see him sitting up sobbing as hard as he could. I could tell by his little face he had been crying for a long time. Waking in this strange place must have been so scary for him. But why didn’t we hear him on the baby monitor?

Turns out the volume had somehow been turned all of the way down. Thankfully he hadn’t gotten hurt or walked outside, but still. Talk about heavy mom guilt.

What could have prevented this? A video baby monitor.

Our baby monitor at the time (which was actually very highly rated) wasn’t perfect. It worked okay, but often we would pick up on neighbors’ phone conversations or hear other babies crying in the neighborhood.

I recall rushing upstairs after hearing wailing and screaming only to find my baby sound asleep. That’s why I’ve always thought video monitors are a better option for keeping an eye on the little one, assuming it works well.

Motorola makes some of the finest baby monitors on the market and what’s even better for travelers, there is a Wireless Baby Monitor with a Travel Case. The ARV for this model is worth the money – but it goes on sale frequently.

(Update #1: It is worth every dime. I’ve been using this monitor for over a year and wouldn’t use anything else. Sound and vision are both clear and the wireless aspect is ideal.)

I received one to review and let me tell you, baby monitors have come a long way!

Today’s technology has made baby monitors top-notch. Here’s why I’m in love with this Motorola Baby Monitor and will always travel with it when the little one arrives:

Clear video. The camera infrared night vision is superb on this Motorola baby monitor. When monitoring your baby expect crystal-clear vision. Plus the screen comes in an extra large 3.5-inch diagonal and it’s in color.

Sound. Along with a visual sound level indicator. My husband and I played with the monitor and the sound was impressive.

Baby can hear YOU! That’s right, there’s two-way communication if you want to sooth your baby or perhaps tell your spouse something.

Temperature. Is baby too cold, or maybe too hot? You will know because there is also room temperature monitoring.

Nice range. This monitor has a range up to 590 feet (180 meters). Not too shabby.

Music. The monitor also has lullabies. How cute is that?

Warnings. Also appreciated is the low-battery alert.

Portable monitor. My favorite feature about this monitor is that the parent unit or portable, meaning it runs on a rechargeable battery rather than being plug-in, so I carry it with me from room to room – or guest house to main house.  But it also comes with a support stand for easy watching.

Travel case. I can’t leave this detail out, as it’s a biggie in my world. The monitor comes with its own travel case, so whether you’re visiting your mom across town or going on an extended vacation you can pack your baby monitor without worries. Pop the pieces in the travel case and enjoy your getaway!

Update #2: We’ve been using the Wireless Baby Monitor with a Travel Case for almost 19 months and still haven’t had an issue. Works like a charm.

Thank you so much to Motorola for letting me review this wireless video baby monitor. It’s always fun to find a useful gadget that excites me!

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Most moms can recall that moment when they went against their better judgement only to regret their decision. For me, that moment (okay, one of those moments) happened roughly eight years ago.

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  1. We used a video baby monitor and loved it. Definitely not as advanced as this one. If I ever needed another one I’d be interested in this one. We used ours until our son was probably 3 or even 4. And I can remember the days of when he was a baby and we’d see that butt up in the air as he slept. Lots of comic relief with these monitors.

    • They’re so cute…even when they don’t know we’re watching. 🙂

      It’s pretty amazing how advanced these monitors have come.

  2. we use this one. i’ve found it to be pretty good. we have the 2 camera setup and it switches well. One of the cameras always has a weird audio feedback noise even though the cameras are in a different room. we also didn’t get the case. Would be nice for travelling. I bought the optional A/V cord to hook up to the TV or to a computer so i can stream the signal to my phone.

  3. wowww this is very very nice kids always cute

  4. My wife and I are expecting twins in late December or very early April. I have been looking at the Motorola MBP33S (this one) and the other one that you can move and rotate the camera around the room. So far these seem to be the best cams compared to the others I have seen reviews on.

  5. you can not use motorola cameras on wifi networks at hotels. they will not connect because of safety concerns,

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