Maps International: Home Decorating

map wallpaper

My family is currently contemplating a move to a new house. With the addition of a new baby last year it's no surprise the family dynamic, as well as our household needs, changed. With a new home and older kids also comes new decor. The kids have their own [Read more]

2015 Minnesota Ice Castles Giveaway

Ice Castle

Load up all of your Elsa loving girls and their brothers because real-life Frozen is here. Ice Castles has descended upon Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The Eden Prairie (Miller Park) location here in Minnesota opened last week (opening dates [Read more]

Bayfield and the Apostle Islands

Ice Caves

It’s way, way up there on Lake Superior. Bayfield, Wisconsin is a delightful little town that  once served as a thriving fishing village. Now it’s home to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore with 21 islands and over 12 miles of peninsula shoreline. Here [Read more]

Le Parker Meridien, a Perfect NYC Hotel for Thanksgiving

California Girl Catching Snowflakes in NYC for Thanksgiving (Jennifer Miner)

Quick, where’s one of the most expensive US cities to travel to over Thanksgiving and Christmas? If you answered “New York City,” you are right. And guess which travel writer spends every Thanksgiving visiting family in New York City? Right again, me. Now, I [Read more]

Kohler’s American Club Resort with Kids


Kohler, Wisconsin, is where plumbing product magic comes to life. In a recent spa feature I wrote for Global Traveler my summary compares the experience to a Food Network, Travel Channel, and HGTV combo. This quaint little town, home to The American Club, [Read more]

Traveling Sports Snacks

Jeb Pilot

Becoming a sports mom/parent happens gradually. First it’s the preschool age where the coaches look like they are herding cats rather than actually coaching a sports team. But that doesn’t last long. Childhood goes fast and so does the playing-for-fun [Read more]

Healthy Road Trips


If you’ve been following our blog for a while you likely know that my family loves road trips. What we like even better is the opportunity to make our road trips healthy by eating well because we feel better, aren’t as tired, and avoid packing on the dreaded [Read more]

A Day in Reykjavik, Iceland

View of Reykjavik Old Harbour from the Harpa Concert Hall

When my mom and I get away together we head to a spa. Travel writer Julie Henning goes with her mom to... Iceland! Here she details some key sights in the country's capital, and offers tips for a budget friendly visit to this Nordic country. We love her savvy [Read more]

7 A.M. Enfant Cygnet Cover Review & Giveaway

7 A.M. Enfant Cygnet Cover

Winter may not be official on the calendar but it's here it spirit and on the thermometer. As I ushered the kids out the door to school today the temp was -1 °F (with windchill). Yesterday I bundled up my six-month-old in her new snowsuit in hopes it wasn't [Read more]

Semester at Sea: Highlights of Sweden

My children jump into the Baltic Sea after a stint in a sauna at our hotel, Smådalarö Gård.

After my family and I had an amazingly fun time together overnight and off the ship while we were docked in Scotland, I knew I wanted to fit in one more hotel-room stay during our Semester at Sea adventure in Europe this summer. Our stint in Scotland made me [Read more]